Satyagrah for Indian Men: IPC 498A हटाओ #PurushAyog लाओ at Jantar Mantar, Sansad Marg > 10am-6pm on 5th May 2015

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Venue : Jantar Mantar, Sansad Marg, New Delhi -110001
Venue Info : Map | Metro : Rajiv Chowk Metro Station (Yellow Line and Blue Line)
Area : Connaught Place (CP)

Event Description : Satyagrah for Indian Men: IPC 498A हटाओ #PurushAyog लाओ

In India Women have rights, Children have rights, Animals have rights, even Plants have rights. But Men have no rights. We have a ministry for everything, even plants and trees but no Ministry for Men. Breast cancer is a national issue, prostate cancer is not. Dowry death is a social issue but the alarming number of married men suicides (~65,000 per year) and Husband burning is not. Dowry is illegal, alimony and maintenance is a legally enforceable right. Calling a wife names is Domestic Violence recognised by law, beating and abusing a husband is not. 

As a women you can use 100% of laws in India, As a man you can use only 90% laws in India. As a man you can be an accused in 100% of the laws (50 exclusive laws), As a woman you can be accused only in 90% of the laws. All this when, Article 15 of the constitution says, "No discrimination in name of Gender".

A mere allegation from a female is enough to ruin a male's life through gender-biased-laws. Many of these gender-biased-laws are against the basic principal of natural justice that "a hundred criminals may go free but no innocent should be punished" as the burden of proof is on the accused to prove his innocence. Non-bailable sections like IPC 498A have become a tool of extortion using the state machinery. Even the Hon'ble Supreme Court has expressed alarm over the gross misuse of IPC 498A calling it "Legal Terrorism". This family breaker law has destroyed lakhs of families. Till date more number of Indians have been arrested under IPC 498A (the so-called women friendly law) than the number arrested by the British during 100 years of independence struggle. The law-abuser has nothing to lose as there is no summary procedure for punishment for false cases.

There is no forum or platform for men to discuss and resolve these issues specific to men. Time has come to talk about true gender equality where the rights and duties of a male are no different than the rights and duties of a female. Time has come to make laws Gender-Neutral. Time has come to seek strict punishment for those to misuse the law. Time has come to be fair to the men of the country. Time has come to form a National Commission for Men / Ministry of Men's Welfare a long held demand of men of the country.

A girl today will be a mother tomorrow. 
A daughter-in-law today will be a mother-in-law tomorrow.
An accuser today could be an accused tomorrow.
Don't watch this injustice in silence, you could be the next victim of a false allegation.

If you love your father, brother, son or husband please join Save Indian Family in a peaceful protest on 5th May 2015 for the formation of a National Commission for Men / Ministry of Men's Welfare and to demand scrapping of IPC 498A.

Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement is a group of over 40 NGOs across the globe (India, USA, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia, etc). Since inception, in the year 2005, the group has been helping and supporting harassed men & their families who suffer immensely due to misuse of Gender-Based-Laws (IPC 498A, PWDVA 2005, CrPC 125, Rape Laws, Sexual Harassment at Workplace, etc). The Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement through its various allied NGOs has so far helped over 10 Lakh families offering free help to such victims through its National Helpline SIF-ONE (888-2-498-498) launched last year and through weekly meetings conducted at several cities across the country. The group has a strong online presence running on a backbone of dozens of blogs and over 16 yahoogroups across the globe.
Sharing the vision of Save Indian Family (SIF) is Dr. Santosh Kumar B Potdar, Consulting Professor and Social Activist who has embarked on an unprecedented cycle journey of nearly 2500 km alongwith his second wife Geeta in order to create awareness against Gender Biased Laws. As a well-educated, multi skilled individual, Dr. Santosh transformed the lives of several of his students as a Professor before his own life was transformed due to a false IPC 498A case filed by his first wife. 7 years of court battles took a toll on his career and finances. 

If highly educated youth are made to spend several years of their lives fighting false cases instituted using Gender Biased Laws, how can our country which counts its young skilled population as its strength, become a superpower? Save Indian Family appeals to the men and women of the country to come in large numbers and support the cause of Indian men.

Language : English, Hindi

About the Organization : Save Indian Family NGO & all its brother NGOs from all over India
Contact Details : 08882 498 498 (Ritwik)

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Satyagrah for Indian Men: IPC 498A हटाओ #PurushAyog लाओ at Jantar Mantar, Sansad Marg > 10am-6pm on 5th May 2015 Satyagrah for Indian Men: IPC 498A हटाओ #PurushAyog लाओ at Jantar Mantar, Sansad Marg > 10am-6pm on 5th May 2015 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Tuesday, May 05, 2015 Rating: 5

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