“No Blink” exhibition by Genoveva Casanova celebrating International Women’s Day at Instituto Cervantes, 48, Hanuman Road, Connaught Place (CP) > 9th March to 12th April 2015

Time : 
9th March : 6:30 pm - Inauguration
10th March to 12th April : 
Tuesday to Friday : 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. 
Saturdays & Sundays : 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Entry : Free

Venue : Instituto Cervantes, 48, Hanuman Road, Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi - 110001
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Metro : Nearest Metro Station - 'Rajiv Chowk' (Yellow Line and Blue Line)
Area : Connaught Place (CP)

Event Description : “No Blink” exhibition by Genoveva Casanova celebrating International Women’s Day

As part of "Plastics Arts And Architecture" Series. 

Synopsis: “I blinked and the smile was gone. But it had been there. I'd seen it... " (Khaled Hosseini).
"Ten years ago I made my first humanitarian trip. Since then, I have travelled around the world looking for something and don’t know till now what it is. What I did clearly know is that humanitarian service has become absolutely necessary for me. What happens to you ... you never get to disengage yourself from it. When you're there, on the field, everything changes; the world makes sense. The reality blooms in front of your eyes as if it were waiting there, in places so far, so sad, and so maddeningly beautiful that seem oblivious to us, but then they embrace you and it's like the universe, as if the sky were real with its endless stars for the first time. "NO BLINK" is an attempt to freeze that microsecond, so that we do not lose the moment of revelation even for a blink, to be the witness of this world. Here I have trapped the encounter with the people I've met over the years, those who looked at me and gave me everything in a second: their most intimate and hidden pain, their wildest dreams. I do not know how to express the way it changes you within, when it happens to you ... How to explain what happens to you when you meet with those deep and silent gazes in the jungle or in a remote desert; when you meet those broken stories between walls and destroyed hands? Everywhere there are eyes watching you and getting into you. They pierce into your head and never leave you, they mark you and weigh down eternally like iron upon your pupils. You lose your gaze, you are lost in them, it is not yours anymore. It belongs to the forest you walked into, to the lights of the dying cities you looked out through your window, to the smell of the healing skins that comes over you all the time, to the ebony stars that silently scream to you their wisdom. 
Your gaze stays there, sunken and paralyzed, and don’t you dare to blink because you do not want to miss a single second, you surrender absolutely to the mystery of life; meanwhile your gaze will go away from you, away, away and away ... and will never come back ....”
(Genoveva Casanova)

Biography: Genoveva Casanova, born in Mexico City in 1976. She obtained a Philosophy degree at the Ibero-American University, during which she as well attended various courses on thematic as
comparative religion, Egyptology, humanist philosophy, philosophy of art, screenwriting and literature. In 1999 she worked as a researcher at the research center of the Mexican National Action Party. In 2000 she was selected by the Ibero-American University for a student exchange program with the University of Seville, the city in which she lived for the next four years, before moving to Madrid. During the last seven years, Genevieve has focused her professional life in very multiple areas. On the one hand she has worked as advertising image for different brands, such as Vasari jewelry, Pantene, Hola magazine, Christian Dior, Marina d'Or, Lancôme Tag Heuer, Porcelanosa and Chocron jewelries. On the other hand, her dedication to humanitarian causes, which began in 2005 in Mexico working with the Xquenda Foundation and the World Education & Development Fund in a project benefiting the indigenous populations of the Sierra de Oaxaca. She then continued collaborating with various organizations including Nuevo Futuro Foundation (which builds reception centers for homeless children) Teletón Foundation (which provides medical care and treatment for children with disabilities), ACNUR, Vicente Ferrer Foundation (which provides humanitarian aid to the Untouchables caste in India), Asociación Española de ayuda contra al cáncer de mama, Federación Española de enfermedades raras, Olvidados Foundation, SOS Foundation, Albergue de San Juan de Dios y las Misioneras de la Caridad.
In recent years she has developed her professional experience in the world of arts. Her work as Director of Institutional Relations of the Casa de Alba Foundation has led her to directing and coordinating a first major project of success, awarded as Star Event by Madrid’s City Hall, the " Casa de Alba Legacy" exposition, which was held from November 30thof 2012 until March 31st of 2013 at the Cibeles Palace.
This last success meant her appointment as Director of the Casa de Alba Foundation until 2014.
Since then, Genevieve edits the "Date with art" column for the Mujer Hoy magazine and has focused all her efforts on own artistic projects. She developed two charity photographic projects that represented a significant step in her professional development. The former, "Empreintes", has been presented at the Marlborough Gallery in Madrid on February 25th during the ARCO art fair week in Madrid, and its benefits will be allocated to the Down Art Foundation. The second work, which is titled “No Blink” was developed for Accem Ngo and has already travelled to several cities of Spain as Madrid (on two occasions), Alicante, Gijón and Barcelona. After its presentation in the Cervantes Institute in Delhi, the exposition will tour to Valencia and Mexico City.

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“No Blink” exhibition by Genoveva Casanova celebrating International Women’s Day at Instituto Cervantes, 48, Hanuman Road, Connaught Place (CP) > 9th March to 12th April 2015 “No Blink” exhibition by Genoveva Casanova celebrating International Women’s Day at Instituto Cervantes, 48, Hanuman Road, Connaught Place (CP) > 9th March to 12th April 2015 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Sunday, April 12, 2015 Rating: 5

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