"New York - New Delhi" an exhibition of 6 NYC based artists at Shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg > 11am to 7pm on 26th December 2014 to 4th January 2015

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Venue : Shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi - 110001
Venue Info : Events | About | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Mandi House (Blue Line and Violet Line) Exit Gate - 1'
Area : Mandi House Area 

Event Description : "New York - New Delhi" an exhibition of 6 NYC based artists.

Bruce Waldman
Bruce Waldman is a printmaker, illustrator, and college art instructor. He has been teaching at the School of Visual Arts for more than 30 years, is on the board of Govenors of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, and  Director of The New York Society of Etchers. He also teaches at SUNY Westchester Community College, and The College of New Rochelle. His prints are in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, The New York Public Library, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Bronx Zoological Museum, The Royal Collection, London, The New York Historical Society, and The Library of Congress, Washington DC.

Many of Bruce Waldman’s works deal with the tragedy of the human condition. He is fascinated with people’s relationships and interactions with each other, and attempts to understand, through his art, the tension and friction that can occur between people from a psychological point of view. Many of these images evoke a dark, mysterious, and introspective mood and feeling. He has also created hundreds of images of animals, and of landscapes, which he tremendously enjoys making. 

Jill Slaymaker 
Jill Slaymaker has had five one-person shows in New York City, and recently, at the Davis Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain. Upcoming is a solo show at the Nabi Museum of the Arts, Teaneck, New Jersey, and an art residency at Artestudio Ginestrelle, Assisi, Italy. Past group exhibitions include The Museum of Modern Art, NYC; Tate Modern, London; Richmond Museum, Richmond; and Museo Dabawenyo, Philippines. Jill's work is in the permanent collections of The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; The Museum 
of Modern Art, NY; and the Davis Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, among others.

The "handbook" drawings began by my discovering a 1944 medical book investigating hand shapes and illness. Its images of supposedly schizophrenic or manic depressive hands intrigued me.  I've been painting over its pages, creating groups of drawings framed together as one. By combining fragmented 'puzzle piece' images, I'm able to form relationships that surprise me with their juxtaposition, and create narratives open to others' interpretation.

Mila Dau
Mila Dau studied Architecture in Rome, Italy where she began exhibiting her work. She has focused on two main themes: architectures and portraits. She produced two artist books: Oracles, views of contemporary art museums and ancient monuments, and Face to Face extemporaneous portraits of artists in oil. Oracles is in the Artists Book collections of the 
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn; The Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago; the National Gallery of Art, Washington; the Portland Museum of Art, Maine; and the Whitney Museum of Art, New York.

The content of Mila Dau’s art is the museum- the container of art. She paints art museums from photographs in oils and then applies waves of color that float across the surface. In her recent work Dau has added people, depicted as they look at art or calmly circulate in the exhibition halls under the watchful eye of guards. In the Cutouts series the people have detached themselves from their museum settings altogether as they continue to look at or guard art that is no longer present. In essence they are portraits of the art viewing process itself.

Tara Sabharwal
Tara was born in India and studied painting in Baroda and the Royal College of Art, London. She has been living in NYC since 1990. Tara has had 36 solo shows in India, UK, Germany 
and New York, most recently in Gallery Art Alive (Delhi), Idler (London) and Martina Janzen 
(Dusseldorf). She received the British Council, Cultural collaborations, Henry Street, Cooper Union and Japan Hishio fellowships. Her work is in the collection of the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum in London, New York public library, Peabody Essex Museum in Boston and the Library of Congress in Washington DC. 

My work, like my life, navigates through the real and the imagined. I am fascinated by the overlapping of time –how the time ‘present’, however physically real, incorporates both time past and the time to come. This continuous processing of time through memory and imagination is at the heart of my work. In recent paintings, the physicality of the real world recedes to make room for the incorporeal, allowing for an inherent multiplicity of experience. 

Valerie Hammond
Valerie Hammond maintains a fluid artistic practice, distinguishable for her organic approach and deft interaction with different mediums. In all of her work, there is play between the material and the immaterial, the physical and the spiritual: the dichotomy between what is seen and the sensation it provokes. Her work can be found in both private and public collections such as the Walker Art Center, the Library of Congress, The Fine Arts Museum Houston, The Progressive Art Collection, the Fidelity Collection, the New York Public Library’s print and drawing collection, The Grand Palais Museum, Paris and the Getty Museum. Hammond is a recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, has exhibited in solo and group shows in the United States, Europe, China, New Zealand and India. 

Yehuda Emmanuel Safran
Yehuda Emmanuel Safran studied at Saint Martin's School of Art, the Royal College of Art and University College, London, Art, Architecture and Philosophy respectively. He was a trustee of the 9H Gallery and member of the Architucture Foundation, London, the College International de Philosophie, Paris and Inlax Foundation Jury, India. His early Sculpture installation was exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery London (1976). Currently he lives and works in Paris and New York. He is Consultant to Steven Holl Architects; Director, Potlatch Art and Architecture Research Lab and teaches architecture and theory at the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University, New York City.

To see and think with one hands, to touch with my eyes is my vocation. These prints are the alpha and omega of life long contemplation. If they reach a cord in the viewer, it will be a source of happiness for all. If excellence is as difficult as it is rare i hope these prints will remain rare, because the path that made them possible wascertainly not without difficulties and not without pain.

Artist : Yehuda Emmanuel Safran, Valerie Hammond, Tara Sabharwal, Mila Dau, Jill Slaymaker, Bruce Waldman

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"New York - New Delhi" an exhibition of 6 NYC based artists at Shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg > 11am to 7pm on 26th December 2014 to 4th January 2015 "New York - New Delhi" an exhibition of 6 NYC based artists at Shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg > 11am to 7pm on 26th December 2014 to 4th January 2015 Reviewed by Delhi Events on Sunday, January 04, 2015 Rating: 5

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