Outrage Festival at Blue Frog, The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Mehrauli > 4:30pm to 12:30pm on 13th July 2014

Entry : Rs. 600 (Seating on First-Come First-Served basis)
For pod reservations call 9111-30800300

Place : Blue Frog, The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Mehrauli, New Delhi - 110030
Venue Info : About | Events | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Saket(Yellow Line)Exit Gate-2'
Landmark : Opposite the Qutub Minar
Ph. : 91-11-3080 0300, (+)91-9953887818
Area : Mehrauli

Event Description : Outrage Festival.

Artist : 
UNDYING INC (New Delhi) 11pm-12am
The band has been around since 2004 and has been constantly breeding a formidable reputation due their never-say-die attitude. Relentless riffing, face-melting breakdowns and fluid polyrhythmic changes make their music a unique live experience. 

Members: Shashank Bhatnagar - Vocals, Biswarup 'Biz' Gupta - Guitars, Reuben Bhattacharya - Bass, Nishant Hagjer - Drums

ZYGNEMA (Mumbai) 10-11pm
Zygnema are a 4-piece thrash/groove metal band from Mumbai formed in 2006. They have a Facebook following of around 20,000 die hard fans. They released their first debut album titled ‘Born of Unity’ in 2010 which was critically acclaimed as one of the best albums at the time and got them the best song/best band award at the Rolling stone metal awards in 2011.

Members:  Jimmy Bhore - Vocals, Sidharth Kadadi - Guitars, Leon Quadros - Bass, Mayank Sharma - Drums, Akash Sawant - Sound Engineer

THIRD SOVEREIGN (Mizoram) 9-10pm
Third Sovereign, a 4 piece brutal metal band from Mizoram. The band initially started playing in Delhi in 2003 where they were one of the most brilliant bands to see live. The band has never been socially active and tend to remain under the shackles of underground music but still manages to have a Facebook following of over 3,500 people. The band will be making their comeback in the capital after 3 years at this festival. 

Members: Vedant - Vocals, Benjamin - Guitar, Jonah - Bass, Reuben - Drums

ESCHER'S KNOT - (Bangalore/ Chennai) 8-9pm
Escher’s Knot is a 5-piece progressive metal band which was formed in Chennai in 2009 after former members from bands like IIIrd Sov, Theorized, Ston’d and Blood&iron decided to work on their music collectively. Since the release of their debut ‘Tessellations’, they have played some of the biggest festivals in the country like the Summerstorm festival in Bangalore and many more. 

Members:  Abijith - Vocals, Anshuman - Guitars, Siddhartha - Guitars, Madhav - Bass, Manu - Drums

COLOSSAL FIGURES - (New Delhi) 7.20-8pm
Colossal Figures is a progressive metalcore act from New Delhi. Starting out in late 2010, they were one of the youngest bands to have played the Great India Rock festival that same year. The band has travelled to almost all parts of the country covering a plethora of events and festivals to spread their music.

Members: Govind Marodia - Vocals, Karan Mehta - Guitars, Saksham Gupta - Guitars, Karsan Chaudhary - Bass, Rijul Victor - Drums

ABERRANT - (Shillong) 6.40-7.20pm
Aberrant is a 5-piece groove metal band from Shillong. The band has been playing for the past few years and have gained a lot of praise from fans in their city. 

Members: Vocals - Ryngkat Jyrwa, Guitars - Jerry Nelson Ranee, Guitars - Imti Kharkongor, Bass - Amphermay Lyngdoh Mawlong, Drums - Rex Kharrngi

FRAGARAK - (New Delhi) 5.50-6.30pm
Fragarak is a lethal blend of melodic tunes accompanied by intense technical rhythms, supported by fiercely independent bass lines, bolstered with decimating drumming, and channeled by lyrical themes delivered through bestial vocals. In less than a year Fragarak independently released their full-length debut album – 'Crypts of Dissimulation' in May, 2013 and was a ground-breaking achievement among Indian metal debuts. Within weeks of the full-length release, “Crypts of Dissimulation” (6 tracks, 40 minutes run-time) was being touted as one of the “best debuts in Indian metal” by more than a few indie music review portals.

Members: Supratim Sen, Kartikeya Sinha, Arpit Pradhan, Ruben Franklin, Sagar Siddhanti 

NIGAMBODH - (New Delhi) 5-5.40pm
Formed in 2009, this four member band has been making waves in Delhi's underground music scene for over two years. Known for their experimental take on the progressive genre, the band relies on sounds that are a mix of metal, rock and certain basic classical melodies. The strongest aspect of the music has been its lyrics in Hindi that rely heavily on spiritual, classical Indian texts in order to churn out pieces of songs that speak of existential and psychological dilemmas faced by the youth of today.

Members: Tushar Mohan - Bass, Manish Kestwal - Guitars/vocals, Udit Mahar - Drums, Gavvy Basnet - Vocals

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Outrage Festival at Blue Frog, The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Mehrauli > 4:30pm to 12:30pm on 13th July 2014 Outrage Festival at Blue Frog, The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Mehrauli > 4:30pm to 12:30pm on 13th July 2014 Reviewed by Delhi Events on Sunday, July 13, 2014 Rating: 5

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