Hello Cinema presents Screening of 5 short films at Chinmaya Ranjan, H 1589, Chittranjan Park > 6:30pm onwards on 19th July 2014

Time : 6:30 pm onwards Add to Calendar 19-07-2014 18:30:00 19-07-2014 20:00:00 68 Hello Cinema presents Screening of 5 short films Event Page : http://goo.gl/0vmIfI Chinmaya Ranjan, H 1589, Chittranjan Park, New Delhi 110019 DD/MM/YYYY

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Venue : Chinmaya Ranjan, H 1589, Chittranjan Park, New Delhi 110019
Venue Info : Nearest Metro Station - 'Nehru Place(Violet Line)'

Event Description : Hello Cinema presents Screening of the following 5 short films :

DAAK NOUKA directed by Rohitaswa Mukherjee
Dur: 27 mins, India

Synopsis :
“DAAK NOUKA”(the drifting boat) is a film which tells a fairy tale about a small coastal village and the people living there. It has a linear documentation of their day to day monotonous life with the help of subtle abstractions. Every character of this fairytale gives birth to freedom of their internal wings of desire ...and life goes on. Saikat and Savitri are plagued by their own destinies. Saikat attempt to accept life as it comes and Savitri's search for her husband lost out into the sea. As their paths cross they are bought together yet never really together. Surging momentarily they go back into the life that they know of. Nothing changes yet nothing quite remains the same. 

LITTLE HANDS directed by Rohin Raveendran Nair
Dur: 7:30 mins, India

Synopsis :
Little Hands tells the story of Jobin George, a sixth grader, as he sits through a difficult mathematics examination. With hostile classmates all around, a strict teacher on the prowl and pencils in motion he loses hope. This examination forces Jobin to answer several difficult questions, some of mathematics and some other.

BETWEEN THE RAINS directed by Samimitra Das
Dur: 27 mins, India

Synopsis :
The story is about the city, for that matter where people from all parts of the country come in search of work and embark on their own individual journeys. Priorities and choices we take as individuals under circumstances make us who we are. Honesty is an opportunity cost and our stakes get defined by it. All the characters are at different stages of breaking out from their compartmentalized identities that society inflicts on them. Some individuals stay inside it and revolt by being indifferent and ignoring the need to make a choice which affects the other person. They end up staying in their own little islands. While others, take a higher risk and put more at stake and have faith in a chance encounter and the belief that they will connect with each other.

CALL MARX directed by Anantha Krishnan
Dur: 6 mins, India

Synopsis :
This fiction poetically remember philosopher Karl Marx and relevance of Marxian economic philosophy at the time economic recession and wall street revolution. how capitalism faces challenges, before 100 years ago he prophetically predicted catastrophe of capitalism. "Venkity and his wife are asleep. In deep sleep he talks about Karl Marx and economic recession, Fearing that the children would wake up hearing sound, his wife awaken him. wife also rises in order to make tea, but IS unable to get up because of severe back pain, so Venkity prepare tea for all of them, while giving his wife oil massage for back pain, he casually talks to her about man -woman relationship, strikes and the important of Marx in contemporary world, through this conversation he convey to her idea of socialism also. From his words venkity's wife begins to feel kind of respect for Karl Marx. She rises up and cleans the portrait of Marx that was hanging unnoticed on the wall for some time. The film ends with piece of news about the walstreet protest, that Venkity hears when he switches on the radio"

The Bus directed by Olgu Baran Kubilay
Dur: 13 mins, Turkey

Synopsis :
Uğur is a disabled guy who takes the same bus everyday to his work. He faces too many new characters on this bus. But today is the day of his life. His one move will change lifes. But after?

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Hello Cinema presents Screening of 5 short films at Chinmaya Ranjan, H 1589, Chittranjan Park > 6:30pm onwards on 19th July 2014 Hello Cinema presents Screening of 5 short films at Chinmaya Ranjan, H 1589, Chittranjan Park > 6:30pm onwards on 19th July 2014 Reviewed by Delhi Events on Saturday, July 19, 2014 Rating: 5

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