Ebonix and Menwhopause bands live at Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket > 9pm on 17th April 2014

Time : 9:00 pm

Entry : Entry Charge - Rs. 250
Contact :  011 47158888   

Place : Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi - 110017
Venue Info : Events | About | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Malviya Nagar (Yellow Line) Exit Gate - 3'
Area : Saket

Event Description : Opening act by Ebonix and Menwhopause live at Hard Rock Cafe

Ebonix is a a progressive rock band, hailing from Delhi,India. Our music is likely to be identified as a mash-up of deep vocals backed with punchy riffs! We strive to provide your musical ears with something that you haven't heard before, We have all the ingredients for creating the most addictive tunes which will leave you coming back for more, So if you are looking some fresh sound, You're at the right place.

Vaibhav Chawla - Vocals / Guitar
Dhruv Malik - Lead Guitar
Karan Rampal - Drums
Antriksh Bali - Keyboards and Electronics
Nishant Nagar - Bass Guitar

One hot summer night, six years ago, a couple of friends got together and penned down their thoughts into music. What they never realized was that it was the making of one of the most sought after and revered bands in India - menwhopause.

The band, which soon grew to five members, was literally forced by its bunch of dedicated supporters and believers to push the music they were producing in an abandoned warehouse out into the open.

1.Sarabjit Singh (vocals, harmonica)
Born October 1978 to a Delhi-based originally-Pakistani Punjabi Sikh family, started singing for school choir at eight, drew early influences from Gurudutt and Osho, dropped out of engineering college to start business in computers which he gave up eventually to pursue a career in advertising, auditioned for a bunch of guys who he met over the net, ended up breaking the band and then reforming it with a new line-up, think and write for menwhopause.

Currently working with Leo Burnett as a Senior Copywriter.

2.IP Singh (acoustic guitar and a variety of instruments)
Born September 1977 to a Delhi-based Sikh family, studied at a Hindi-medium government school, figured education wouldn't take him where he wanted to be and burnt any living proof of the same, started playing guitars at local pujas and ceremonies, joined a puppetry group, fell in love with both forms of art, spent time perfecting them, met two random guys through a friend who fell in love with "the eccentric sardar who listens to black metal and plays the guitar", joined menwhopause.

Is the Co-producer of the country's most popular political satire puppet show on NDTV called Gustakhi Maaf/The Great Indian Tamasha.

3.Anup Kutty (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals)
Born April 1979 to a Delhi-based Malayalee family, was the youngest keyboard player for the convent choir till he figured that he was too poor to own one, quit playing the keys to pick up the guitar "cos it was a cheaper option", played in a gospel band till a college band happened, met "a guy who could sing" over the net, hung out with him and decided to call themselves menwhopause after a quiz team he once used to be part of. Is the Editor of MOB Magazine, Consulting Editor Rolling Stone and Man’s World

4.Randeep Singh (bass, djembe, vocals)
Born June 1977 to a Delhi-based Punjabi Sikh family, he started playing the tabla at 8, quit because his family couldn't afford it, when they finally could, he picked up the guitar because he "could relate to it better", Listened to grunge, alternative, metal to "release angst", went to a gig to watch some guys play original music on beaten-up acoustic guitars, sent fan mail to the guys the next day, ended up as bass guitarist for menwhopause.

Also designs interiors and click photos.

5.Paul Schneiter (drums)
The newest addition to the band, in place of drummer Rahul Chatterjee who's on a hiatus, Paul is a seasoned musician. From France, he is also a recognized sound engineer.
Do connect should you be interested in an interaction with the band.

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Ebonix and Menwhopause bands live at Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket > 9pm on 17th April 2014 Ebonix and Menwhopause bands live at Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket > 9pm on 17th April 2014 Reviewed by Delhi Events on Thursday, April 17, 2014 Rating: 5

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