Celebrating Earth Day at Select Citywalk, Plot #A3, District Centre, Saket > 22nd April 2013

Time : 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Entry : Free

Place : Select Citywalk, Plot #A3, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi - 110017
Venue Info : www.selectcitywalk.com | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Malviya Nagar (Yellow Line) Exit Gate - 3'
Area : Saket

Event Description : Celebrating Earth Day at Select CITYWALK

For Tomorrow’s Earth is today’s Responsibility!

· Face of Climate Change the MUSICAL WAY by IEEE
Contests, Slogans, Innovative Ideas to Protect the Earth
·Turning Plastic Bags Into High Fashion by CONSERVE INDIA
Buy a Conserve bag, belt, wallet, shoe, or necklace
and help the Environment

· Save the Earth from E-Waste by CHINTAN
Bring your e-waste for safe disposal

·“METALMORPHOSIS”, an Art Installation by Arun Verma
A little imagination & old rusting scrap will grow wings.
Yes, we create…but we also have the choice not to destroy!!
Thematic Dance performance by Shiamak Davar’s Group
In Tune With Green: Select CITYWALK supports the Day by “GOING GREEN”

On 22nd April, 2013, Select CITYWALK pledges its vow to make for a greener, cleaner earth as we celebrate Earth Day along with the rest of the world!  
With nature inspired green lighting, raising awareness through songs, dances and flash mobs, art installations made from recycled material and much more, the shopping centre takes an initiative to ensure that
we leave behind a legacy of thoughtful deeds, kindness and love fornature for the generations to come!

·The entire Plaza to be soaked in thematic Green Lights to pledge support for a greener earth! 
·Famous 10 Earth songs to be played through the day
·Candle holding by volunteers from IEEE, and flash mob on songs on mother
·Slogan contests, innovative ideas for saving the planet and much more at the booth by IEEE. RJ Simran from Radiocity to be a volunteer at the booth also
·Facebook Campaign: Our Act For GREEN, where contestants will tell what THEY do as their bit to save the planet. The 10 winners will be declared the “Green Crusaders of CITYWALK”.
·E-waste bins by Chintan placed at various locations to encourage people to properly discard their e-waste

·An exclusive art installation made by metal scrap of Select CITYWALK: Come look at the brilliance in what we discard. See how a little imagination makes 200 kilograms of everyday rusting scrap grow its own wings and change into art into a swarm that signifies the symbol of life on Earth and how transformation is integral to it. The
‘metalmorphosis’ isn’t just a piece of art. It is an absolute embodiment of the law of the Earth, the reason why we exist. It is preservation.

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