The French Film Festival (FFF) as part of Bonjour India Festival at PVR Anupam, Saket > 22nd-24th February 2013

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Place : PVR Anupam, Saket, New Delhi
Venue Info : www.pvrcinemas.comMapNearest Metro Station - 'Malviya Nagar (Yellow Line) Exit Gate - 3'
Area : Saket

Event Description : The French Film Festival (FFF) as part of Bonjour India Festival.
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Friday 22nd Feb
6:00 pm : Populaire

Director: Régis Roinsard
Cast: Romain Duris, Déborah François, Bérénice Bejo, Shaun Benson, Mélanie Bernier, Nicolas Bedos, Miou-Miou
Year of production: 2012
Running time: 111’
Synopsis: 21-year-old Rose (Francois) lives a mediocre life with her widower father who already has her married off to the son of the local mechanic in her small rural village. Destined for the quiet, drudgery-filled life of a small town housewife, Rose cannot help dreaming of so much more. She applies for a job as a secretary to a charismatic insurance agent, Louis (Duris). However, she completely bungles the interview, until Louis discovers her amazing gift – she can type at an extraordinary speed! Suddenly, both of their lives are changed forever as Rose’s skills point the way to the possibility of a new life, and Louis’ own competitive instincts are awakened. 

9:00 pm : In the House (Dans la maison)

Director: François Ozon
Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Ernst Umhauer, Kristin Scott Thomas, Emmanuelle Seigner, Denis Ménochet, Bastien Ughetto, Jean-François Balmer, Yolande Moreau 
Year of production: 2011
Running time: 105’
Synopsis: A 16-year-old teenager sneaks into the house of one of the pupils in his class and writes about in one of the pieces of writing he gives to his French teacher.
Confronted by this talented and different student, the teacher finds renewed joy in teaching. However, the teenager's home invasion will set off a series of uncontrollable events.

Saturday 23rd Feb
3:00 pm : Zarafa 

Director: Rémi Bezançon, Jean-Christophe Lie
Animation film (open to children)
Year of production: 2012
Running time: 78’
Synopsis: The plot of the film has a grandfather telling his grand kids the story of Maki, a young boy who escapes from slave traders, befriends a giraffe (the title character), crosses the desert, meets a pirate, and a few other things on a trip that takes him from Africa to Paris.

6:00 pm : Hand in Hand (Main dans la main)

Director: Valérie Donzelli
Cast: Valérie Lemercier, Jérémie Elkaïm, Béatrice de Staël, Valérie Donzelli, Sébastien Noiré, Serge Bozon, Philippe Laudenbach, Lyn Thibault
Year of production: 2012
Running time: 85’
Synopsis: When Hélène Marchal and Joachim Fox meet, their lives could hardly be more different. Hélène runs the prestigious ballet school of the Paris Opera while Joachim works for a mirror maker in a small town. But a strange power unites them to the point where without knowing how or why they can no longer be apart. It’s physically impossible. As if from the moment they meet, and against their will, Hélène and Joachim begin a lovers’ dance they are powerless to stop.

Sunday 24th Feb
3:00 pm : The Dandelions (Du vent dans mes mollets) 

Director: Carine Tardieu
Cast: Agnès Jaoui, Denis Podalydès, Isabelle Carré, Isabella Rossellini, Judith Magre, Elsa Lepoivre, Juliette Gombert 
Year of Production: 2012
Running time: 89’
Synopsis: Stuck between her parents, who smother her with love, and constant blunders, nine-year-old Rachel counts the minutes separating her from freedom. Until the day her path crosses that of intrepid Valérie.

6:00 pm : Camille Rewinds (Camille redouble) 

Director: Noémie Lvovsky
Cast: Noémie Lvovsky, India Hair, Julia Faure, Michel Vuillermoz, Samir Guesmi, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Judith Chemla, Yolande Moreau
Year of production: 2012
Running time: 115’
International Sales: Gaumont
Synopsis: Camille was sixteen years-old when she met Eric. They fell madly in love and had a daughter… 25 years later: Eric is leaving Camille for a younger woman. That’s New Year’s Eve, and Camille suddenly finds herself back in her past.
She is sixteen again and has returned to her parents, her girlfriends, her childhood… and Eric. 
Will she flee and try to change the course of their lives? Will she fall in love with him again, even though she knows how their story will end?

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The French Film Festival (FFF) as part of Bonjour India Festival at PVR Anupam, Saket > 22nd-24th February 2013 The French Film Festival (FFF) as part of Bonjour India Festival at PVR Anupam, Saket > 22nd-24th February 2013 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Sunday, February 24, 2013 Rating: 5

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