"Samanvay" A photo-art exhibition by Mahesh Nair & Aparup Mukherjee at Religare Art Gallery, D3 – P3B, District Center, Ground Floor, Saket > 10am-8pm on 15th February-1st March 2013

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Time : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Entry : Free

Place : Religare Art Gallery, D3 – P3B, District Center, Ground Floor, Saket, New Delhi – 17
Landmark : Backside of DLF Place Mall
Venue Info : www.religareart.com | Nearest Metro Station - 'Malviya Nagar (Exit Gate - 3)'

Event Description : 'Samanvay' A photo-art exhibition by Mahesh Nair and Aparup Mukherjee.
This exhibition, with the support of Religare Arts Initiative and World Wide Fund (WWF) is a unique, first of its kind, exhibition anywhere in the world. Normally exhibitions are of photographs, paintings or mixed media. While this exhibition has photographs by Mahesh Nair and paintings by Aparup Mukherjee, the concept is unique and different

Concept : 
This note outlines a concept for a unique exhibition. While paintings have been considered art for a long time, photography as an art form has been accepted only in the last few years across the world. Essentially, the camera has been accepted as a tool and a photographer as an artist.
Keeping this in mind, the concept proposes to combine these two art forms into a “combo” themed exhibition. Aparup Mukherjee, an acclaimed painter would be collaborating with Mahesh Nair, a nature photographer in this project. Aparup would create paintings based on Mahesh’s photographs and the exhibition would showcase the photograph and it’s painting together as a “combo”. They would be displayed and sold together to art lovers / buyers.
To further enhance the value of the “combo”, the photographs would be all “single editions” guaranteed by the photographer. In effect it means that the photograph would also be a unique piece, much like the painting and the buyer would be getting two unique pieces in the “combo”. 
The paintings could be sketches, charcoal, watercolor or any other medium that the artist finds appropriate to create from the given photograph. The photographs would be printed on imported archival paper / canvas as  well as in exciting new medium such as glass and wood and mounted using archival materials to ensure longevity.
The combo is expected to be priced at a reasonable level to a) increase saleability and b) to promote this new concept.

About the Artists : 

Mahesh Nair
After spending two stimulating decades in the corporate world, Mahesh decided to be a “corporate dropout” and switched tracks completely in 2005 to pursue his passion for nature and wildlife photography.
Mahesh tries to go beyond documenting a moment and tries to capture the very essence of life on this planet through his photographs. Mahesh has traveled across the world and experienced the wide range of nature's bounty. He loves to experiment with light and motion and urge his eyes to spot the extraordinary in the ordinary. He constantly tries to train his camera to see what his eye sees … and capture more than just “pretty pictures”.
Mahesh’s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions within and outside India. His works have been showcased by organizations such as the WWF, India and the National Geographic Store, Singapore.
Apart from photography, Mahesh is passionate about and is actively involved in nature conservation. His first book “…let there be light” showcases the beauty of nature highlighted through his use of light was published in 2008 and his second book titled “Iron Fist, Velvet Glove” on the Indian Army in the remote border areas has been launched by the Chief of the Indian Army on August 03, 2011.

He believes that conservation is not just the work of conservationists and that people from every walk of life needs to chip in with their bit to preserve our beautiful planet. Through his photographs and exhibitions, he tries to spread awareness of the beauty of nature and what we stand to lose if we all do not all chip in to conserve whatever little we have left.  He hopes that his efforts will rekindle in everyone the urge to reach out and experience the beautiful world that we have inherited and remind them that we are nothing but custodians to preserve it for our future generations.
Mahesh completed his Honours Degree in Engineering from REC, Tiruchirapalli in and his Post Graduate studies in Business Management from XLRI.

Aparup Mukherjee
Aparup Mukherjee works with watercolours and his impressive range varies from scenic beauty to the daily life around us. The raw down to earth approach and the fine detailing alongwith his use of light in his paintings provide a visual feast to the viewers. his faultless sense of drawing adds perfection to his works. he employs a blend of of two techniques, the wet method and the light to dark tone technique which makes his works unique. aparup had had several successful exhibitions in all major cities in India and he has won several awards for his work with his watercolours.

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"Samanvay" A photo-art exhibition by Mahesh Nair & Aparup Mukherjee at Religare Art Gallery, D3 – P3B, District Center, Ground Floor, Saket > 10am-8pm on 15th February-1st March 2013 "Samanvay" A photo-art exhibition by Mahesh Nair & Aparup Mukherjee at Religare Art Gallery, D3 – P3B, District Center, Ground Floor, Saket > 10am-8pm on 15th February-1st March 2013 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Friday, March 01, 2013 Rating: 5

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