The Travelling Uranium Film Festival at Siri Fort Auditorium, August Kranti Marg > 4th-6th January 2013

Time : Begins at 4 pm on 4th January 2013

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served basis)

Place : Siri Fort Auditorium, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi - 110049
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Event Description : The Travelling Uranium Film Festival. 
The International Uranium Film Festival is dedicated to most spectacular and vibrant films on the issue of nuclear fuel cycle: Uranium mining, nuclear power plants, atomic bombs, nuclear waste, radioactive risks, nuclear medicine. From Einstein to Fukushima.
The task of the Uranium Film Festival is to bring people closer to the issue through the art of cinema. Nuclear waste is dangerous for more than 100 000 years. The important question is information. These best films from across the globe will provide a complete worldview and give us an all-rounded perspective for further thought on the nuclear fuel cycle.  For that it is important to maintain the knowledge, the wisdom. And the best mediums to transport information are films, movies, and documentaries. The Film Festival is an effective tool to bring the information to the global public.
The fest will screen feature, short and animation films on the entire spectrum of the nuclear debate — destructive and constructive — from bombs and radioactive wastes to medicine and mining for clean energy. Independent information about nuclear risks also is important for independent decision-making. Some Governments like in Italy or Germany decided to phase-out nuclear power. The festival stimulates the discussion about the nuclear question and stimulates the production of new documentaries, movies and animated films about any nuclear or radioactive issue. The best and most important productions receive our award  "Yellow Oscar".
After Rio in Brazil, stopovers have included Portugal and Germany before India. For this, films are the best medium, which explains the concept of the globally travelling festival. In India, the film fest will stop in seven different cities.
Uranium Film Festival creates a neutral space to throw light on all nuclear issues and gives the "nuclear" Filmmakers support to continue work and make the greatest impact for humanity's most important issue.

Event Overview : The International Uranium Film Festival is now travelling to New Delhi, Shillong, Ranchi, Pune, Mumbai, Hydarabad, Chennai. It has been invited to the most honourable ViBGYOR Film Festival of Kerala in February. The best and most important films about Nuclear Energy, Uranium Mining and Nuclear Weapons are will be screened between January & February 2013. Acclaimed Indian filmmaker Shri Prakash is organizing the Uranium Film Festival The Uranium Film Festival thanks its supporters, the Heinrich Boell Foundation, the Foundation Rosa Luxemburg and the FAETEC-School for Film, TV and Event "Adolpho Bloch" of Rio de Janeiro. The Uranium Film Festival of India will start in New Delhi, January 4th, 2013 from The Siri Fort Auditorium. The festival brings the independent motion picture community together to showcase our wealth of talent through motion picture photography, direction, and production, with an opening reception, free screenings, and panel discussions.

Schedule : 
4th January : 3:30 pm - 8:30 pm
03:30 PM – 04:30 PM  INAUGURATION
04:30 PM – 04:45 PM Screening of ATOMIC BOMBS ON THE PLANET EARTH, a film about nuclear bomb 
testing. (U.K, 14 min, Dir: Peter Greenaway)
04:45 PM – 06:00 PM Screening of INTO ETERNITY, a film about nuclear waste repository. (Denmark, 75 min, 
Dir: Michael Madsen)
06:00 PM – 06:10 PM TEA BREAK
06:10 PM – 06:15 PM Screening of AFTER THE DAY AFTER, an animated story of nuke devastation in Dada. 
(USA, 5 min) 
06:15 PM – 07:05 PM Screening of AUSTRALIAN ATOMIC CONFESSIONS, a film British bomb testing sites in 
Australia. (Australia, 49 min) 
07:05 PM – 08:10 PM BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND, a film about Depleted Uranium, Weapons and the Gulf War.
(Australia, 62 min)
5th January : 11:00 am - 8:30 pm
11:00 AM – 11:10 AM  TOXIC NEGLECT, a film on uranium mining in Jadugoda (9 min, India)
11:10 AM – 01:00 PM YELLOW CAKE - THE DIRT BEHIND URANIUM, a film on uranium mining in Germany, Africa, Australia &
Canada (108 min, Germany)
01:00 PM – 01:30 PM  LUNCH BREAK
01:30 PM – 01:40 PM  SACRED GROUND, a short film on a Native American and the atom bomb. (USA, 10 min)
01:40 PM – 02:10 PM INDIAN POINT: NOWHERE TO RUN (USA, 29 min)
02:10 PM – 02:30 PM FOOD AND RADIATION, a film on Fukushima. (USA/Japan, 18 min)
02:30 PM – 02:50 PM  LEONID’S STORY, a short animation (Germany/Ukraine, 19 min)
02:50 PM – 03:50 PM CHERNOBYL: THE INVISIBLE THIEF (Germany, 59 min)
03:50 PM – 04:00 PM TEA BREAK
04:00 PM – 04:15 PM  BIRDBOY (Spain, 12 min, animation)
04:15 PM – 04:20 PM BURIAL AT LOS ALAMOS (USA, 6 min, animation)
04:20 PM – 05:10 PM THE SECRET AND THE SACRED (Germany, 52 min)
05:10 PM – 05:20 PM MUCKATY VOICES (Australia, 10 min)
05:20 PM – 06: 10 PM  BURIED IN EARTHSKIN (South Africa, 50 min)
06:10 PM – 06:20 PM TEA BREAK
06:20 PM – 06:25 PM AMARELINHA (Brazil, 4 min)
06:25 PM – 06:50 PM CESIUM 137: THE DEATH SHINE (Brazil, 24 min)
06:50 PM – 08:25 PM CESIUM 137: THE NIGHTMARE FO GOIÂNIA (Brazil, Fiction, 95 min)
6th January : 11:00 am - 8:45 pm
11:00 AM – 01:00 PM  PANEL DISCUSSION hosted by CNDP (Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace)
01:00 PM – 01:30 PM LUNCH BREAK
01:30 PM – 01:55 PM  THE THIRD NUCLEAR BOMB (Italy, 26 min)
01:55 PM – 02:50 PM RED BUTTON, a film on missile conflict. (Poland/USA, 52 min)
02:50 PM – 03:10 PM  QUIRRA IS A RADIOACTIVE DUMP, a film on Sardinia. (Italy, 21 min)
03:10 PM – 04:20 PM  BEATING THE BOMB, a film on the history of the British Peace movement. (UK, 71 min)
04:20 PM – 04:30 PM TEA BREAK
04:30 PM – 04:40 PM  YELLOWCAKE (USA, 10 min)
04:40 PM – 05:40 PM RETURN OF NAVAJO BOY (USA, 57 min)
05:40 PM – 05:50 PM JADUGODA: THE BLACK MAGIC (India, 9 min)
05:50 PM – 06:40 PM DIRT CHEAP 30 YEARS ON (Australia, 51 min)
06:40 PM – 06:55 PM TEA BREAK
06:55 PM – 07.00 PM URANIUM DECAY (USA, 6 min, animation)
07:00 PM – 07:55 PM URANIUM: A POISONED LEGACY, a film about uranium mining in Africa (France, 52 min)
07:55 PM – 08:45 PM URANIUM CITY: LIFE AFTER THE MINE (Canada, 48 min)

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