"The Hidden Blade" film screening at The Japan Foundation, 5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV > 6:30pm on 22nd December 2012

Time : 6:30 pm

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served basis)

Place : The Japan Foundation, 5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi - 110024

Event Details : 'The Hidden Blade' film screening.

Setting : Tsuruoka in Yamagata Prefecture in the Edo Period (in the middle of the 19 Century)

Synopsis: The film, ‘Hidden Blade’ is set in 1861, a time when Japan was facing revolutionary changes. The once upstanding samurai class is facing the loss of their social status and economic securities. Katagiri is a low level samurai in a remote country town. His family lost their position when his father was forced to commit suicide for the mistakes of someone else. Katagiri has slowly watched as his family’s fortune and land slipped away. Katagiri longs for happiness that always seems just out of his grasp due to the social constraints that are placed on him. The film begins with his close friend, Yaichiro leaving for a post in Edo, and the marriage of the family’s maid, Kie to a town merchant. Katagiri has secretly been in love with Kie for years. Yet, because they are from different social castes Katagiri struggles with his social obligations and the desires that he seeks. Kie’s marriage has become a life of servitude and Katagiri rescues her when she fells deathly ill. He helps to nurse her back to health and Kie shows her gratitude by resuming her duties as the maid of the household. Katagiri tries to find happiness is his life but soon realizes that in his social position he will not be able to have the happiness that he desires, a life with Kie.
Katagiri’s life takes a turn for the worst when Yaichiro becomes involved in a plot to kill a political rebel and Katagiri is called upon by his superiors to kill his friend. Katagiri and Yaichiro were rival students of the famous swordmaster, Toda. Yet, Katagiri vas the only one to learn the secrets of the hidden blade. Yaichiro was a rival student and is an even match for Katagiri’s skills. Katagiri is once again caught between his social obligations and his personal ideals.
Katagiri finally makes a decision that will set the course for his destiny.

Note : The film Hidden Blade is based on the novel by Fujisawa Shuhei and directed by Yamada Yoji. Yamada’s previous film was the internationally renowned Twilight Samurai. ‘Twilight Samurai’ and Hidden Blade are both based on novels by the same author and are somewhat similar in their stories. Both films are set in a period of social upheaval. The time of the samurai class is coming to an end in the late Tokugaw’a Period as Japan opened its doors to the West. The time period of the film is seven years before the collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The samurai and their families find themselves in situations of economic hardships arid personal turmoil as the sword is slowly replaced by the gun, and peace prevails in Japan. The samurai class is on the brink of extinction through its ineffectiveness to change with the times, corruption in its ranks and the social turmoil of the period.

Duration : 132 min.

Year : 2004

Directed by : Yamada Yoji

Language : Japanese with English Subtitles

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"The Hidden Blade" film screening at The Japan Foundation, 5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV > 6:30pm on 22nd December 2012 "The Hidden Blade" film screening at The Japan Foundation, 5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV > 6:30pm on 22nd December 2012 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, December 22, 2012 Rating: 5

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