Lightcube Film Society presents "M" film screening at Kunzum Cafe, T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village > 7pm on 1st September 2012

Time : 7:00 pm

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Place : Kunzum Cafe, T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016
Tel: +91.11.2651 3949, +91.9650 702 777

Event Details : Lightcube Film Society presents 'M' film screening as part of Retrospective of the work of Mr. Lang.
When the police in a German city are unable to catch a child-murderer, other criminals
join in the manhunt.

About the Movie :

Reviews :

Year : 1931

Duration : 117 min. 

Director : Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang is perhaps one of the first truly modern masters of the cinema - one of the few masters who made a successful transition from the silent era to that of the talkies because of his superior control over the film form and his understanding of the precarious balance between image and sound. Starting his career with a select few in the famous German studio, UFA, where scarcely available resources led them to come up with the movement of German Expressionism in the early days of cinema, he moved to America in the mid-30s to work in Hollywood. Under this new system, his early films all revealed a common theme of wrongful indictment and collective conscience of the society - as he went along, however, he made several films that were increasingly complex thematically and described the American life succinctly but distilled, always, through the very personal artist's eye of Mr. Lang.

Lightcube intends to organise a unique Retrospective of the work of Mr. Lang at its weekly screening venue, Kunzum Travel Café in the very popular colony visited by various people interested in culture in general and cinema in specific, Hauz Khas Village. This Retrospective, unlike many others, will not take place in the manner of showing all his films together, but instead, will show a single film (or at best, two silent films) on every subsequent Saturday - this pattern of screening will then be spread over three months, thereby allowing the audience that visits the Lightcube screenings to gain a proper critical overview of the work of Mr. Lang.

The screenings of the films of Mr. Lang will be accompanied by various other features that will help enhance the understanding of his films and place them in a critical perspective that is very essential to the appreciation of his contribution to the film aesthetic. These features will include:

Discussions: Experts/critics/film writers/academics/cinephiles will be invited to speak on the work of Mr. Lang. 
Video-essays: A critic will be invited to programme a video-essay on the work of Mr. Lang - this will essentially be an excerpt from his film accompanied by academic commentary.
Post-film discussions: Each film will be followed by an interaction with the audience in order to gauge their response and to help cultivate an understanding of the cultural/cinematic context within which the film was made.

Lightcube is an agency devoted to revising film screening habits and to devise new methods and techniques to disseminate culture beyond its mainstream-specified boundaries and metropolitan nature. The agency also believes that it is imperative that films are programmed that are beyond the currently fashionable, venues are chosen that are outside of the large auditoria or seminar halls and old world methods of audience-film interaction such as panel discussions, program notes and post-film discussions are reinstated, while also including innovative new methods such as video criticism, video installations and exhibitions to present a more wholesome view of the film or the director at hand.

It is also the belief of Lightcube that cinema or culture belongs to everyone and is too powerful a force for select circles to contain within their own boundaries – as such, in times of rampant proliferation of the new media in this century,
Lightcube aims to show films in an imagined, vast, open, quickly-evolving and mobilized land – this is fulfilled by its participation in the organisation/creation of a number of cinema projects, exercises in which a film projector and some great films are carried to different parts in the country, and then screened for local audiences.

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Lightcube Film Society presents "M" film screening at Kunzum Cafe, T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village > 7pm on 1st September 2012 Lightcube Film Society presents "M" film screening at Kunzum Cafe, T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village > 7pm on 1st September 2012 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, September 01, 2012 Rating: 5

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