Tokamachi Natsumero Association India Tour with Enka Singer Chadha, a charity fundraiser show at Epicentre, Sec-44, Gurgaon > 7pm on 27th November 2011

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Entry : Free (You are free to make contribution to support Tohoku Tsumani & Earthquake victims)

Place : Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44, Opp. Power Grid Residential Complex, Gurgaon
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Event Details : Tokamachi Natsumero Aikokai India Tour starring Chadha, The first ever Foreign Enka singer of Japan and Band.
A charity Fundraiser show for the Tohoku Tsunami and Earthquake Disasters.
Genre of entertainment: Japanese Enka Music Performance
Japan went through rapid westernization during the Meiji period without having to be a colony for the west, which made Japan the country that it is today; a highly modernized forward country influenced by the western culture.
On the other hand, it was proven by a survey conducted by the NHK National Radio in the 30’s that, 70% of the Japanese people long for the traditional Japanese music, known as the Naniwabushi (Enka) that came about during the Meiji period.
Even till date, there are a lot of people who turn to Enka to rejuvenate the feeling of being a Japanese national.
The Tokamachi Natsumero Association in the Tokamachi in Niigata was formed thirty-nine years ago. As an Enka appreciation group they formed a full live musical band, and have been dedicated to it since then.
The Mithila Museum in the mountains of Tokamachi, the head office for the association, has put a lot of effort into introducing the Indian traditions and cultures in Japan and had the opportunity of welcoming the Indian Ambassador as well as other Indian officials.
Over the years, the association has held various charity and cultural events to strengthen the bond between India and Japan locally.
Chadha and the Tokamachi Natsumero Association came in contact when Chadha performed on the main stage at “Namaste India” (Indian cultural festival held at the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, which saw over 1,70,000 people at the most recent one) in 2009. This was the stage for his re-debut as an Enka singer after
30 years.
Known for his original debut song, “Omokage no Hito” Chadha also sings fellow Enka singer: Ikuzo Yoshi’s “Sakeyo” in both Japanese and in Hindi. The perfect harmony of this song sung in Japanese in the first verse and in Hindi in the second, caught the attention of youth in Japan, and brought tears in the eyes of the masses present at the event..
The relationship between Chadha and the Tokamachi Natsumero Association grew stronger when he was invited as one of the main singers at the Snow Festival held in Tokamachi. Singing with the full live musical band moved him greatly and made him wish to share the beauty of harmony with the people of India as well.
Since then, Chadha has made it his life’s mission to strengthen the bond between India and Japan further.
Further more, as you may already be aware of, on 11th of March this year, a disastrous earthquake of 9.0M hit the northern coast of Japan, the Tohoku. The earthquake and tsunami resulted in 15,790 deaths, 5,933 injured, and 4,056 people missing, across eighteen prefectures. In addition to loss of life and destruction of infrastructure, the tsunami caused a number of nuclear accidents, primarily the meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant complex, and the associated evacuation zones affecting hundreds of
thousands of residents. The after effects of the disaster still persist in the lives of the people of Tohoku till date.
After the disaster, Chadha came up with the idea that the least he can do, as an Indian Enka singer to support Japan would be to put together a charity concert in India. That it would be a good opportunity for the people in India to help as well.
This tour will be the first international step taken by the Natsumero Association along with Chadha for a charity event; any proceeds from which will be donated to the affected areas.
The tour is planned to take place in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. Volunteers from the Japanese Association in each city are also scheduled to be performing at the respective venues along with a few other singers from Tokamachi, along with the exhibition of the Japanese talent.
Besides enjoying the musical harmony of the artists there shall also be workshops teaching the local audience on how tie a Kimono. The event shall also provide the audience with a glimpse of the Japanese bridal wear.
Mr. B. S. Chadha of Studio Vasant, an art gallery based in New Delhi, will be selling a hundred beautiful paintings of his own to support this event.
These efforts made by the Tokamachi Natsumero Association and Chadha are not only to spread there love for music but also to use music as a platform to bring the culture of two striving nations come closer than before. It would be the greatest support for them if people could help spread this message of unity and
humanity to make this event a silver lining for these two great nations.

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Tokamachi Natsumero Association India Tour with Enka Singer Chadha, a charity fundraiser show at Epicentre, Sec-44, Gurgaon > 7pm on 27th November 2011 Tokamachi Natsumero Association India Tour with Enka Singer Chadha, a charity fundraiser show at Epicentre, Sec-44, Gurgaon > 7pm on 27th November 2011 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Sunday, November 27, 2011 Rating: 5

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