Vishnu band live at Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket > 9pm on 27th October 2011

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Place : Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi - 110017
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 Event Details : Vishnu band live.
About ‘Vishnu’: Delhi based heavy metal band, VISHNU, was formed in 2001 and spent the first few months in exploring their sound. The band consisted of Rajiv Khati handling vocal duties, Rohit Menon on guitars, Sanjiv Khati on Bass, Pankaj Bhuttan on Drums and Kishen Gaur on guitars. The band didn't boast of any guitar gods in it's fold, a decent drummer and an above average vocalist, but when it all got together they had something REALLY good going for them. The band exploded on the scene with the first self-composition named "Shadows of a bright moonlight" that was sent and chosen for the Great Indian Rock- Dirty Dozen compilation. With the departure of Kishen Gaur, Sanjiv Khati moved on to handle lead guitar duties, and the band recruited Rajat Mittal AKA "Bigfoot" to handle bass duties. The band went from strength beyond strength in the Delhi circuit headlining venues/ concerts like Friends of Music, DCE, NSIT, and St. Stephen's college etc along with headlining IIT- Kanpur with Motherjane, a show that saw 3,000+ people go in a complete frenzy to every note that the band hit. VISHNU was also the only band to be selected for the "June Rock Out" held in Chennai three years in a row. Songs such as "Desert Storm", and "Blindfolded" were being requested for by the crowd more and more at live gigs, which was a huge achievement of sorts for the band as it was a Herculean task for the band to break away from the shadow of their first track, "Shadows of a bright moonlight" . The band performed live in 2008 March at MCC (Chennai) where Clarence Gonsalves (Joint Family) handled Bass duty for them. The band is currently active working on new material.
VISHNU - The first Indian rock band to have ever Debuted on the Indian Rock Music Scene with their First Ever Self-Composition (“Shadows of a Bright Moon-Light”) to be selected for India’s BIGGEST Rock Music Festival…The Great Indian Rock Concert (GIR).
• VISHNU – Chosen to headline the first “Dhanaulti Rocks” concert along with Parikrama from a nation wide search of bands in October 2004.
• VISHNU – Chosen to perform at the launch of SF Jeans in India, the concert had a turnout of more than a 1000 people.
• VISHNU – Chosen as the headliners for “Aasra - Tsunami Relief Fund Concert” held at IIT – Delhi.
• VISHNU - The band was responsible for the biggest turnout that Turquoise Cottage ever saw, when Vishnu, Prestorika and Nakshatra shared the stage at the Iron Maiden Tribute concert in the year 2006. Approximately 400 people turned up with MANY more waiting outside the venue to get in but could not due to the limited capacity of the venue.
• VISHNU - The first Indian rock band to have an original composition featured on Ten Sports. The song “Desert-Storm” was recently picked up by Ten Sports for the screening of one of their events.
• VISHNU – One of the very few Indian Bands to have the maximum number of Downloads of their songs.
• VISHNU – Holds the record for the one of the highest attendance at any rock show by an Indian rock band in the country. A sea of more than 8,000 mad crowd witnessed VISHNU headline IIT- Kanpur in 2005
• VISHNU – The only Indian Rock Band to be invited TWICE to perform at one of the Biggest Rock Music Festival in Southern India, June Rock Out, Chennai.
• VISHNU – Professionals of a large number of live shows and still counting have virtually rocked all the great venues and festivals in the country including GIR Delhi, JRO – Chennai, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, N.S.I.T, S.P.A (Delhi) and Pune Woodstock among others.
Genre: Metal
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Vishnu band live at Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket > 9pm on 27th October 2011 Vishnu band live at Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Place, Saket > 9pm on 27th October 2011 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Thursday, October 27, 2011 Rating: 5

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