"Monsoon Sutra" Exhibition of paintings, sculptures & installations atHungarian Information and Cultural Centre, 1-A, Janpath > 6th-30th September 2011

Time : 10:00 am - 4:00 pm ( Weekdays Only ) - Exhibition on View

Entry : Free

Place : Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, 1-A, Janpath, New Delhi- 110 001

Event Details : 'Monsoon Sutra' Exhibition of paintings, sculptures and installations In cooperation with the Art Floor.
Monsoon Sutra is a unique art show opening right in the midst of Monsoon 2011. Rain and passion have
been associated since time immemorial. Be it movies or real life even a drizzle or slight thought of rain
always bring out our deep emotions of love to the outer world. As it makes its first splash, the muddy
fragrance languishing in the air simply relaxes every soul. What happens next, whatever follows – is
magical. Passion erupts and freely flows as drizzle turns to a splash.
Several artist’s from all walks of life and various parts of the country showcase their splendid works that
depict their passionate relationship with Monsoon. The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre Art
floor has creatively tied them down together with a common sutra – their thoughts of love & life.
A vivid collection of colourful works ranging from splendid paintings with Khajuraho sculptures in the
background by well established Artists like Ms Vinita Das Gupta brings the show alive. Her works are
growing fast in collections in India and overseas. Prashant Sarkar’s artwork Ecstasy is simply a delight
for every visitor. Sarang Singla’s work shows the monsoon charmed Peacock in its full blossom.
Included are very enchanting works by Seema Jindal an Indian artist based in Calgary, Canada. Her
couples in blue happily threaded by flowered sutra of love are a viewer’s delight permanently
documenting the experience of our existence. Emerging artist Ankush Safaya’s works the Peacock
Empire and fusions intently explores the most complex emotions that can be evoked in simplest forms
on canvas. His abstract visual vocabulary through images takes the viewer to both somewhere new and
somewhere in the subconscious at the same time. Dashmeet Singh’s thoughts on Gods equal love for
everyone beautifully emerges in his very creative work Drizzle to the world and playful. He is an
instinctive artist whose works are full of expressions. His works are mature in strokes and add a lot of
cheer to the show.Emerging Artist Davender Kumar showcases his splendid Serigraphs titled Adam &
Eve which signify passion. Artist Reva Pandit brings to the show her thoughts on love for self & nature.
Manish Barodia’s painting “Love is so blue” captures the romantic mood of a young couple in
celebration. (The same has been featured in 12th August Times of India). Surekha Sadana’s
painting “Chaiwala” showcases a poor man’s daily life’s celebration in the form of tea. Chaiwala also has
significance in context of Monsoon, as everyone around seems to enjoy it when it rains. Her other
creation Kites are synonymous to the ultimate form of freedom and liberalization.Sheer brilliance in
Shaluu Bhucchar's photograph- pitter patter rain drops makes us dance with joy. Abhinav Chowbey’s
are totally based on abstract grounds. In his works he tries to show his love for nature with a strong
colour palette. He expresses his feelings for Monsoon by adding bright colors to his canvas. Pranav
Kaushal’s uses beautiful mature strokes in his Painting -light is beautiful. Mukta Gupta brings to fore her
thoughts on rain & passion in her painting titled Love. Senior Artist Neeraj Mittra brings his very unique
and aw-inspiring sculptures to the show. He concludes his thoughts on Monsoon with the following
words- “when the rain drops creates sound of love, the bonding between the two souls reaches a
greater height. Where they want, the desire to be physically in touch is on the optimum level, and you
sink deep into the ocean of love, then just a delicate touch, a soft eye contact works as a catalyst. The
sheer presence of the loved one next to one makes a person to die for the moment, as the love and the
trust of the other soul is in the process of becoming one...we surrender”. That's our sutra for this
monsoon sutra.

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"Monsoon Sutra" Exhibition of paintings, sculptures & installations atHungarian Information and Cultural Centre, 1-A, Janpath > 6th-30th September 2011 "Monsoon Sutra" Exhibition of paintings, sculptures & installations atHungarian Information and Cultural Centre, 1-A, Janpath > 6th-30th September 2011 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Friday, September 30, 2011 Rating: 5

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