Boating at Naini Lake in Model Town I

Naini Lake Model Town

Date and Time: 
1 April - 30 September 2021, 1pm to 8pm
1 October - 31 March 2021, 11am to 6pm

Walkway - Free Entry
Boating - Rs. 130 for four adults for a 30 min. ride.
Note : 
Dogs are not allowed in the lake area. 

About the Venue: It's a beautiful lake inside a residential colony which is a very rare experience in a city like Delhi. Pedal Boating is also offered since November 2020 again after a long gap although motor based boat and water scooter not available this time. Ducks are there in the central land area and you can feed them corn which is easily available from the outside street hawker or you can bring appropriate food for ducks yourself if you wish otherwise it's not necessary as many people offer food to them. You can walk around the lake like you do in any local park. 
Water isn't cleaned by them and they say that it will become clean automatically when the boat rides which doesn't sound much scientific though. 

Venue: Naini Lake, Model Town I, New Delhi
Venue Info: Map | Nearest Metro Station - Model Town(Yellow Line)

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  1. The two gates of Naini lake have been locked by LARA creating inconvenience for elderly and many others. It is requested to reopen the small gates both sides.

  2. I am very happy with Delhi Police for taking action to reduce inappropriate activities at naini lake model town by controlled entry to the lake for safety of women and children . we now feel safe to walk in the evening and morning around the lake. It has also reduced visits of bad elements who created nuisance and drastically reduced theft activities after controlled entry by Delhi Police.
    The Residents are Happy with this move by Delhi Police

    1. Hello Nishant, I’m working on a story relating to the Naini lake. I would like to add your comment in it, attributing you. So I would be grateful if you kindly contact me as soon as possible.

  3. Naini lake boating is open now in January or not? Please let me know

  4. Is Naini Lake boating open now?

  5. boating was closed long time back and it's not started since then.

  6. Lake open h , boting start in Sunday

  7. Boating chalu ha kya


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