Jamghat Nightwalk from Golcha cinema ( DaryaGanj ) to Jama Masjid & adjoining areas

Entry :
1) The group is not allowed to carry cameras
2) If a girl/ woman is a part of the group, she is requested to dress
in an India suit, or jeans with a full sleeved top. This is to ensure
3) It is prohibited to give money to any children seen on the streets.
4) have dinner and come!
To confirm participation, Contact Amit at 011-29522112 or 9818705715

Duration : 120 mins.

Meeting Place : Golcha Cinema, DaryaGanj, New Delhi

Venue Info : Maps | Nearest Metro Station - 'Chawri Bazar(Yellow Line)'

Event Details : Jamghat Nightwalk.

Background : The streets of Delhi are homes to lots of children. These children are forced to live in harsh health-impeding conditions. You can help raise awareness and bring Delhi a step closer to eradicating this issue by working with or aiding Jamghat. Jamghat is a Delhi based NGO working towards rehabilitation of street children into the mainstream. Founded in 2003 we have a shelter housing 15 children, where we have rehabilitated around 50 children by now. A day care facility is also running for the children living in old Delhi area. It offers the children a chance to use sanitized washroom facilities, basic education, vocational training, weekly checkups from a doctor, and a chance to play. Jamghat uses the street and stage theatre as a medium to build self confidence in their children and also build awareness in the society on key social issues related to the lives and stories of children, especially street children.
In winters, Jamghat organizes a walk into the life of street children around JAMA MASJID and OLD DELHI AREA.  The aim of the project is to generate awareness about street children living in Delhi and to help them in living a life of their choice in a healthy way. The program is undertaken during the night when most of the people finish off their days work and recede back to their secure homes and these children are left alone on the streets to battle through the evils of night. Their night life offers them many difficulties rendered through their exposed surrounding. It is then that their true nature of surviving in such a non conducive environment is brought to life. We interact with them and increase our awareness about them and their life. The main objective is to understand the difficulty of being a street child.

Walk Details : 
The Jamghat coordinators, which will include one child from the Jamghat institutional residential care, will encourage a round of introduction with the group. Before starting on a 5.5 km walk, the group will be debriefed on the following by one of the Jamghat coordinators :
1) Jamghat- An introduction. Past and present.
2) An overview of "purani dilli, it's history and present.
3) The route to be followed will be clearly defined.
4) Jama Masjid- An introduction

Following is a brief overview of the sights that the group may experience:
1) Children abusing and using harmful substances
2) The manner in which people beg for their living
3) How families survive on the streets
4) How and where food for daily survival is obtained
5) Probably may also encounter the atrocities inflicted on the homeless by the policemen and the big business men.

Walk Route : 
From Golcha Movie hall, the group will proceed towards the Main Gate of Jama Masjid. And then move closer to the Jama Masjid.
Jamghat Nightwalk from Golcha Movie hall to the Jama Masjid.
After covering Jama Masjid, the group will then proceed towards Meena Bazaar. People abusing harmful substances, gambling their little earned money or sleeping on the streets will be found aplenty.
A turn towards hope, the group will then proceed to visit the Jamghat outreach services, a special day care center at Kabootar Market. The group will be educated upon the initiatives taken by Jamghat to help a handful of the many still exposed to a cruel life on the streets.
From the shelter, the group will then be directed towards the cycle market, to provide the group a glimpse into the "working" life of these children. Loading, unloading, rickshaw pulling etc are normal for these street dwellers.
Next stop will be towards the Shish Ganj Gurdawara, to give an insight into the help provided by the Sikh community to the people living on the street. From food, water and first aid, this community goes all out towards helping the needy.
The next peep hole will be provided towards a government shelter for the needy, which will be visited next. However this shelter, though started by the government is supported and managed by Asharya Adhikaar
During a small pit-stop, the coordinators will then elucidate upon hard facts about the life on the streets of Delhi, India and the world.
After the stop, the group will then move towards the Kordiya Flyover. This unique place, will present the group with yet another alternative to sleeping in Delhi.
The next destination will be the Hanumaan Mandir in Yamuna Bazaar, with yet another insight into the life of the children. This being the final destination, the coordinators will then open the floor for discussion between the group and the Jamghat coordinators.

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