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Navigation tips for the website opened in Laptop / Desktop / Tablet : 

Last updated on 3rd June 2014. 

Header Area :

Row 1 : Date / Time | Facebook badge                 Translate the site to your chosen language

Row 2 ( Menu ) : 
Introductions - Delhi / Website Tips
Calendar : Just click on the date of your choice to view the listing of that date. It doesn't show all the workshops and for that, you just need to go to the 'Workshop' menu which is located after 'Venues' menu. 
Events Listing - Today / Tomorrow / Weekly / Event Types / Areas / Zones
Venues - List of useful venues in Delhi
Workshops - List of different kinds of workshops
Services - Useful services in Delhi.
Contact - Get in Touch with us. 
About - Know more about
Survey - Fill the survey to submit your feedback. 

Row 3 : Logo | Advertisements

Left Sidebar :
Quick Links

Central Area :
Event Slider
Mobile Links : It has many quick links which can be opened in Desktop / Tablet but it's useful mainly for opening the website in your mobile phone for quick access to many important sections of the website. 

Right Sidebar :

Event Calendar
Search Box
Email Subscriptions 
Link to Facebook / Linkedin / RSS subscriptions / Google plus page / twitter etc.

Navigation tips for the website opened in Mobile Phones (Smartphones / Feature Phones) : 

There is only one central area where you will see few most useful categories like 'Mobile Links', 'Email Subscription', 'Today', 'Tomorrow' etc. Clicking on the links will take you the details of the categories. 

Links : Click to read FAQ | Going Out Tips 
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