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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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FAQ for Website Only

When is the site updated?
You can check the Notification drop-down with bell sign which is the last menu item at the top menu to see the date when the site was last updated. 

FAQ for Website & Mobile App

Can i make plans to attend future events?
It offers information about the events happening in the next 7 days mostly ( including today ) and you can make plan for the next 7 days in advance. 
Note : The site / app is updated all the time to add missing events and new additions. Just keep checking the site from time to time for any additions.

How can i get reminder of an event on my choice via email/Pop-up window?
You will see 'Add to Calendar' button next to event's 'Time' once you open the event page, clicking on the button opens a list of calendar options. For instance, it shows 'google calendar' button, clicking on it opens google calendar website with event details already filled, you just need to set the reminder and you will receive the notification in your device if it has an application which supports google calendar and you sync it via your preferred internet connection after adding the event (best to use it in your mobile device as you carry it most of the time & you won't miss the reminder in that case)

What are your sources of Information?
Event organizers and their associates directly send the Information to And many media companies like newspapers, TV channels also relies on for getting information. So, it's surely a very trustworthy source.

Can i get notification of the events by Email / Twitter / Facebook page?
You can visit the Subscription page for all the delivery options : Click here to visit Subscriptions page 

I have noticed incorrect event information and missing events, why is it so?
We try our best to check if an event has not been canceled/changed but still, its better if you call/email the event organizers/Event Place Officials to confirm the event commencement before going there to avoid any inconvenience.
If you have correct information about any event or you see any missing event then you can surely contact us.
Do read Website / App Disclaimer : Website Disclaimer

For Event Promoters : 

How can i get my event removed? 
Contact through the contact page to get in touch if it's cancelled/postponed or send email/make a phone call only if you are already in touch by email or phone call. 

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  3. Hi we shared Event details with you guys but didnt get any reply on that.. when you will post it or the information i provide is not enought for you


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