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Event Submission

 Guidelines for Event Submission by email for Listing 

1st Step : Read the following points first : 

(a) What to send : 

Events, workshops, auditions etc. which are open for general public by tickets / invitation cards / registration or just free entry. 
Note : Food promotional events by restaurants / hotels etc. are generally not listed for free. Food melas and also if they are part of a cultural event can be listed. 
Commercial events can also be charged for listing. Send details to know more...

(b) When to send : 

You can send the details as soon as possible and whenever you have the complete event details ready with you. 

(c) When will it be published : 

Your event will be published 7-9 days before the event mostly if you will be sending the information earlier. 
If you couldn't send it earlier, it will be published as soon as possible (within 1-2 days)
It's fine even if you send it on the same day or a day before although that's not preferred mostly and listing isn't guaranteed. 
Note : The decision to publish your event is at the discretion of delhievents.com and it can't be enforced but you can surely send a gentle reminder by email if it's delayed for some reason. 

(d) What to keep in mind before proceeding : 

  1. Prefer using a laptop / desktop for event submission instead of a phone or tablet as that's more convenient. 
  2. It must be a real offline event and not an online event. 
  3. Copy the content under '2nd Step (see below)' in a new email and Replace the red lines below with your content. 
  4. Please don't use 'CAPITAL LETTERS' unnecessarily. In other words, use acceptable English (click here for capital letters usage tips at oxforddictionaries.com)
  5. Type all the details in the email (preferred) or word document or pdf file. 
  6. Try sending all the details in a single email and avoid sending multiple emails. 
  7. You must check this page for updated guidelines whenever you submit an event next time. 
(e) Where to send : 
Just send an email after following the '2nd Step (below)' to 

2nd Step : Event Submission :

Email Subject : 
If you are sending an event for the very first time : You must write the following in the the subject of the email : 'Event Listing : Event title here' 
Note : 
Replace 'event title here' with the title of the event.
Write it in email subject only. (click here to know what is an 'Email Subject')

Email Body : 

Title : Title of the Event 

Dates : Dates of the event

Timings (don't enter the schedule here. only the timings!) : 

For Single Day Event : Mention Starting and Ending Time  (For example : 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Answer the following points for Multiple Day Event 
(a) Opening Time and Date : Mention the opening time and date if there is a special opening / inauguration happening for the event (For example : 6pm on 28th April 2014)
(b)  Same Timings on all days : Mention Starting and Ending Time if the timings are same on all the days (For example : 10 am - 8:00 pm)
(c) Different timings : Mention the timings on each day separately.

Day when it's closed :
(a) Closed on specific Day(s) of the week : Mention the Day of the week when the event is closed in case of a long duration event like an art exhibition.
(b) Holiday : Also mention if your event is open or closed on any Holiday which falls during the days of your event in case of a long duration event.

Schedule : schedule of the event if exists (don't use tables for the schedule if possible)

Entry : Mention if it's free or Requires Registration or Ticket Booking or Invitation / passes collection. 

Further answer the following questions only if the entry isn't free : 
(a) Online : Mention the ticketing website if it requires purchasing the tickets online (You must offer registration at delhievents.com if it's a paid workshop. Around 10% commission charges. You should do it for events too. DelhiEvents will also promote your event well)
(b) Offline : Mention complete address / phone numbers / emails etc. of the venue where tickets / invitations / passes are available.
(c) Tele-Booking : numbers for booking tickets or registrations. 
Note : Do mention the last date of registration in case of workshops / classes and also mention if people can join even after the workshop has started. 

Venue : Complete address of the venue

Multimedia (jpg / pdf / word files) : 

Images :
Poster / Invitation Card : It must be in jpg format. And image must not have more than 1-3 lines of text otherwise it won't be used (usually images without text are preferred mostly)
Images of dancers, musicians, theatre performance, art works etc. : The images must be in jpg format with proper names (For example instead of writing dsc124.jpg, the name should be 'Rohit Malik.jpg' or artwork name (like Landscape.jpg) in case of an artwork which should give a clear idea about the image)
Written Material : 
Other files like Schedule / Brochures can be sent in pdf / word files. 

Options for sending the files : 
(a) Online Storage (preferred) : In case of a large number of files (images etc. which are more than 10 MB), it's requested that you upload the folder containing all the files at drive.google.com (or any other online storage service of your choice) and share the folder using  any of the two options : "Anyone with the link" or "Public on the web." (click here for sharing tips for google drive). 
(b) Email Attachments : Do send images / files etc. as email attachments if you are unable to send files using 'Online Storage' option easily. 
Email id : 

Event Description : Detailed description about the event or synopsis in case of a play or a movie (Details must be typed in the email or word document or pdf file or your website instead of image file in the form of jpg / pdf / word document)

Duration : Provide the duration (in minutes) in case of the play, film etc.

Language : mention the language(s) used. 

Cast : Write the cast if it's a play or a film screening. 

Artists : names of all the artists in case of a group art show. 

About the Speaker : Profile of the Speaker in case of talks (lectures / panel discussions etc.)

About the Artist : Do write a short write-up about the artists if it's a solo dance, music, theatre or an art exhibition. 

About the Organization (Theatre Group / Cultural Organization / Event Management Company etc.) : Introductory note about the event organization 

Contact Details : For getting in touch with you or your organization and It's preferred that you use your official email id or/and provide your contact details which helps us in identifying your correct identity to avoid incorrect information.

3rd Step : Guidelines for informing about the Event Postponement / Cancellation / Revisions (use only if you have already sent the event information earlier) : 

In case of revised event : 
(a) You must write 'Updated Event Details : Event title here' in the the subject of the email.
(b) Mention the revised details in the compose box of the email (the area where you type your message) and also include the link of the event page published at delhievents.com
(c) You must also post a comment at the bottom of the event page informing about sending the email with updated details. 
In case of cancelled or postponed event : 
(a) You must write 'Postponed Event : event title here' or 'Cancelled Event : event title here' in the subject of the email.
(b) Mention the reason of cancellation and postponement in the compose box of the email and also include the link of the event page published at delhievents.com (the area where you type your message). 
(c) You must also post a comment at the bottom of the event page informing about sending the email with updated details. 

Facebook : Also post your events at facebook group : www.facebook.com/groups/delhieventscom


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