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Swasthya Retreat by Wellcure at Balaji Naturecure Wellness Center, Bakhtawarpur

Date and Time: 23-27 November 2023

Entry: Price starting at 13000 Per person (All Inclusive Stay+Therapy+Food+ Doctor

Contact for any queries and registration - Call or Whatsapp +91-84483-31324 (Vandana) or +91-95487-14775 (Neha)

Main Venue: Balaji Naturecure Wellness Center, Behind Ashiana Farm House, Main, Palla Bakhtawarpur Rd, Bakhtawarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110036, India
Venue Info: Web | Map 
Venue for 1-3 Dec Retreat: Zorba The Buddha, 7 Tropical Drive, Ghitorni, New Delhi, India
Landmark: Tropical Drive lane is next to the metro station
Venue Info: www.zorbathebuddha.org | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Ghitorni(Yellow Line)'

Event Description: Wellcure Health Retreats

Upcoming Retreats:

1. Swasthya - Post-Diwali Weight Loss Retreat In Delhi (5-Days Residential)

   - November: 23-27 November 2023
   - December: 7-11 December 2023

Location: Balaji Nature Cure & Wellness Center, Delhi

2. Niramya - Post Diwali De-stress, Detox & Healing Retreat in Delhi (4-Days Residential)

Dates: December: 22-25 December 2023

Location:Balaji Nature Cure & Wellness Center, Delhi

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3. Anandya - Emotional and Mind Wellness Retreat (3-Days Residential)

Dates: December: 1-3 December 2023

Location: Zorba- The Buddha, Delhi

About Wellcure:
We are your partner and guide in living a healthy, medicine-free life. Our approach is holistic, preventive, medicine-free, and natural and focuses on reversing diseases from their root cause.
Our healing methods are based on the Science of Nature Cure, focusing on diet and lifestyle correction. Our natural therapies for healing diseases utilise the 5 Natural Elements - Space, Air, Sun, Water and Earth to cure and manage diseases.

About Swasthya:
The word ‘Swasthya’, is derived from Sanskrit which means ‘Health’ or ‘Well Being’.

It represents being physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced and free from illness or disease.
💪Discover Real Health at “Swasthya”: 5-Day Weight Loss Retreat 
🥗 Healthy Weight Loss Meals: Plant-based delicious ‘weight loss specific’ meals.
Our ingredients and food combinations are designed to promote weight loss
🍀 Natural Detox Therapies: Morning cleansing such as nasal wash, colon wash, and detox juices eliminate all toxins from your body, boosting your health and ‘shedding the excess stubborn weight’.
💆 Natural Body Shaping Therapies: Mud wraps lighten your silhouette and Ayurvedic massages activate your lymphatic system releasing excess accumulated water and toxins, making your body much lighter and radiant.
󰩓 Yoga & Breathing Exercises: Specific weight-loss asanas and oxygen-boosting pranayama sessions to reactivate your natural energies.

A lot of therapies and detox techniques will be used over the period of 5 days to improve lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins and boost metabolism.
Some of the therapies include: Abdomen Mud Pack, Coconut Oil Massage, Steam Bath, Obesity Vibro Massage, Ice Massage, Cleansing Jal Neti and Enema Therapies (Morning Shuddhi Kriyas), Yoga Sessions, De-stressing Grounding Therapy, Pain Relieving Paraffin Wax Therapy & Hydrotherapies*
All these therapies will be advised to you only after the doctor's checkup, as per the prescription.

Go Beyond Weight Loss:
🙌 De-stress, improve immunity, boost energy, kickstart a healthy routine, feel fitter & stronger.
Our experienced professionals, doctors, nutritionists, and natural wellness coaches, work together to create tailored health approaches, which not only aid in weight loss but also boost cardiovascular health, improve flexibility, and strengthen you from inside.

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