Advantages of eco-friendly products over chemical ones

Advantages of eco-friendly products over chemical ones

When you are choosing cleaning supplies for your home, what do you look at? There are innumerable options stacked on shelves and most of the time you don’t pay attention to the ingredients of the products you choose. The ingredients are not only an indicator of the strength of the cleaner but also tell you what kind of chemicals or naturally-occurring extracts have been used. You may have heard people talk about buying eco friendly products but do you know their advantages in detail? 

Benefits of eco-friendly products over chemical ones
  1. Reduces carbon footprint – When you choose to use chemicals that contain natural ingredients, you automatically reduce the waste you produce reducing your carbon footprint. It is a great way to make your contribution to saving the environment. When the wastewater is released from your home, you can rest assured you are not contributing to the water pollution and making this planet a little bit safer. 
  2. Less risky – When you are buying items that you know, there is no hidden risk of infections and allergies. You can rest assured that the ingredients will not burn your skin or cause irritation when it comes in contact. In case of accidents, there is a lesser risk to you than caused by other chemicals. It is also less risky as the products are not acidic and there are no resultant fumes. If you are using an organic product in dishwash, you need to worry about the product staying on the vessel much after it has been thoroughly cleaned. 
  3. Naturally fragrant – Most essential oils used in natural and organic cleaners smell amazing. They are the base for most of the fragrances available in the market but in a herbal cleaner, you get to experience them in their best form. You need not worry about your home smelling bad if you are using natural cleaners. This is especially helpful if you have pets or bad plumbing in the house and your home is vulnerable to bad odors. 
  4. Better for your home – Most cleaners are supposed to be diluted in prescribed quantities of water and used. However, sometimes if the proportion is not maintained, chemicals can damage surfaces due to their abrasive qualities. This is also true when you use the wrong chemical and end up damaging your lovely home. 
  5. Natural pest control – Most of the essential oils used in the products are natural pest repellents. This is the perfect solution for those who are troubled by an infestation of various bugs. For example, if you use a natural floor cleaner, you may not have to deal with ants or cockroaches in the area visible to the naked eye. 
  6. Safer for families – If you have a toddler or an infant crawling in impossible places, there are many things you need to be mindful of. Harsh chemicals can cause rashes on a baby’s soft skin. A lot of smaller dogs are allergic to stronger chemicals. 
  7. Performance of the cleaners – It is a common misconception that harsher cleaners are better for your house and organic cleaners do not provide the same level of cleaning. The performance of the cleaners depends largely on the dilution rate, equipment used, and how closely the instructions were followed. 
  8. Complete transparency – When you read the label of a chemical, there are things that you may not even have heard of. You may not know the implications of using this cocktail of chemicals and you may not even find out till it’s too late. The best part about using a natural product is that you can easily identify all the ingredients mentioned in the bottle and move on to another option if any of them do not agree with you. 
These advantages of using natural and eco-friendly cleaners make it obvious that they are the better choice and should be considered the next time you go to a supermarket. You can even compare the cost of natural cleaners with the ones with chemicals. You may find that natural cleaners are at par or cheaper than chemical cleaners. If you choose eco-friendly products, you are choosing better and much milder products that will keep your family and your planet safe.  

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