Bored of Biryani? Here is something to sizzle your tastebuds

Bored of Biryani? Here is something to sizzle your tastebuds

Biryani is one desi dish that Indians are emotionally attached to. No one can ever get enough of this delicious one-pot meal that has juicy chicken, meat, or vegetables cooked with aromatic spices, and fragrant long-grain basmati rice. While our love for biryani is never-ending, not every day can be biryani day, and our taste buds often crave other delicacies. So next time when you feel bored with biryani, here are some awesome dishes that you should try.

    1. Pizza: Just like Biryani, pizza is another dish that everyone totally loves to indulge in. There is no specific time to devour a divine slice of this pie, you can have it for lunch, dinner, in between the meals, or even late at night! Every time is pizza time. When you are bored of biryani, yet you want to have something that’s equally aromatic and tingles your taste buds, then pizza is an answer. The aroma of the freshly baked pizza is so heavenly, that you automatically get attracted to grabbing a piping hot slice. Outlets like Dominos have pizza offers 365 days so that everyone can enjoy this wholesome dish along with their family and friends without having to worry about burning a hole in their pocket. 

    2. Creamy Pasta: On the days when you want to have some comfort food, a creamy bowl of pasta will serve the purpose. This Italian dish is made from Penne, tossed with exotic veggies or chicken cubes that’s been sauteed in olive oil, and different herbs, and then a generous amount of cheese is added to give it a creamy, cheesy finish. Pasta is made with different sauces and herbs to give it a unique flavor. If you like something tangy then Creamy Tomato Pasta should be your go-to dish, and if you want a fusion on your plate fiery Tikka Masala Pasta is what you need to satisfy your craving for something hot and spicy. 

    3. Fried Rice: This awesome rice dish makes a perfect alternative to a pot of biryani. Originated in China, it is a hearty, colorful dish that can be eaten as is without the need for any accompaniments. Different veggies like carrots, beans, bell pepper, green peas, egg, chicken rashers, and cooked rice are sauteed together. You can add different sauces like oyster sauce, soy sauce, schezwan sauce, and condiments like pepper, and ajinomoto to render it a unique taste. Some people like to pair the fried rice with chicken wings to round off their meal. Chicken wings are one of the most loved finger foods, perhaps it’s because the juicy flavor-induced chicken is fried to perfection to get a crispy layer on the outside, and then it is tossed in different sauces to give it a nice finishing touch.

    4. Dhaba Style Kulcha: We know that Kulchas are a very popular and loved dish in the Northern states of Delhi and Punjab. On the days when you don’t want to have the regular naans, Kulchas make a perfect pic. All-purpose flour is kneaded into a soft dough, then rolled out into a thick, flat shape, filled with lightly spiced mashed potatoes or cottage cheese, and then baked in the oven. After it is baked, a generous amount of butter or desi ghee is smeared on top of it to enhance its taste. Kulchas can be eaten with dal makhani, Kadai paneer, chole, or even chicken butter masala. One bite of this stuffed flatbread and you know this is going to be your next favorite.

    5. Wraps and Rolls: Isn't it true that we're all at the mercy of our hunger? And in such times we yearn for super tasty food items. What better options than the authentic zesty kathi rolls and wraps? These are loved by adults and children alike, and they are perfect to satisfy your small in-between meal hunger pangs.

So those days, if you want to try something other than biryani, we hope the above suggestions come into handy.   

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