Expert Take on Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Color

Expert Take on Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Color

When you decide to undertake the home renovation project, selecting the right exterior paint forms the most significant part. A lot of us pay attention while finalizing the interior wall paints and we ensure to check for design inspirations from Pinterest, or surf for information and ideas online. When it comes to exterior paints, we often find ourselves clueless, so we have decided to put together some tips that highlight the factors you need to consider while choosing the exterior paint color.  

1. Choose Durable Paint: One thing to remember is that the exterior of your house is usually battered with harsh weather conditions like excessive sunlight exposure, heavy rainfall and it even attracts more dust. While selecting the exterior paint for your home, pick the paints that are water and dustproof so that it doesn’t succumb to peeling, flaking, and cracking. Brands like Nerolac Paints have some great all-rounder paints that come with high-quality resin, have a better adhesive property, and are sustainable. 

2.   Put Aside a Higher Budget: Getting the exteriors of your house painted is an activity that is not done often, and we are sure you don’t want to be climbing up the ladder every few years for the touch-ups. It goes without saying that exterior paints are slightly more expensive than interior wall paints because they are meant to last longer. If you are unsure of how much you have to factor in the budget, you can easily get a quotation online for the painting labor cost per square foot by filling out a form with basic details.

3. Experiment with Finishing and Textures: Don’t want to stick to the age-old look for your exterior? Then worry not, these days you have some great textured looks available to further beautify your exterior. Wooden textured exterior combined with a mellow yellow paint gives your home a very soothing and welcoming look. A lot of people are factoring in a stone wall and brick wall texture to add a countryside appeal to the exterior. You can also opt to have a stained glass finish to your doors and windows to add a Victorian-era charm to the exterior.

4. Dual Tone Color Combination: Don’t just stick to a single monotone color, these days dual-tone color combination is in rage with a lot of homeowners because of the dynamic look it adds to the exterior. You can try combining two pastel shades for a subtle look, and for a vibrant touch, you can combine a bright brick red with soft beige. If you have a roof to your house, do not ignore the paint color choice of it, otherwise, it will look mismatched. 
Apart from this, also pay attention to the landscaping around the house, and don’t forget to paint the external furnishing for a refreshing look.  

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