10 Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

10 Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

With the rising demand for two-wheelers, bike insurance demand has also seen a sudden spike. In India, most people prefer a bike over other modes of transportation to reach their destination faster. It is especially true in the case of people who travel great distances to reach their workplace on a daily basis. But with the convenience of riding through narrow lanes using a bike comes with risks to even face road accidents.

Biker Woods

Irrespective of your riding skills and vigilance during travel, the risk of road mishaps cannot be entirely ruled out. And if you end up hurting a person or damaging property with your bike, you’ll be liable to compensate them for the losses. It is during times like this a bike insurance comes into the play.

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1.  More Options Available Online

One of the top reasons that tempt people to purchase bike insurance online is the availability of various options. Once you’ve taken your pick between comprehensive and third-party bike insurance, you can search for all the insurance companies that offer a similar type of  bike insurance online. 
Search, compare and choose the best from the rest by assessing the coverage offered by all against a premium amount. Those who purchase insurance offline don’t get to compare this many options in a relatively less time frame.  

2.  Limited Paperwork

We all know how many photocopies one has to carry for a particular document when purchasing insurance offline. Luckily, it is not the case with online purchases. Since you’re directly uploading the papers on their portal, you will need minimal paperwork. 
In most cases, you’ll be asked to upload a scanned copy of your PAN card, Aadhar card, and other documents. If you’re someone who prefers to keep paperwork at its minimum, you should buy bike insurance online.
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3.  Easy Renewals

When you go the digital way, buying and maintaining policies become easy. Most insurance companies have adopted digitalization, allowing their customers to reap its benefits. Now insured don’t have to make multiple visits to the insurance office to get their policy renewed. 
If you’ve purchased the insurance policy online, you can renew it with a few clicks. You’ll have to log in to your user account on the insurance website’s portal and renew it by making the payment.

4.  Competitive Premiums

The best part of buying two-wheeler insurance online is getting to avail competitive premium. When you purchase insurance offline or via an insurance agent, the insurer has to pay the agent involved a certain commission. But when you’re buying the policy online, there is no middleman who’ll receive a commission. It is why the premium for online policies is comparatively lesser.

If you want to get an approximate idea of how much premium you’ll have to pay for your shortlisted bike insurance, use a two wheeler insurance calculator available online. You’ll get a near-accurate premium estimate on this calculator if you correctly provide all the required details. Using an insurance premium calculator is also a great way to compare different two-wheeler insurance policies.   

5.  Availability of Extensive Add-ons 

Riders or add-ons can be purchased separately for enhanced coverage. Even if you’re buying comprehensive insurance, certain things might not be included, like roadside assistance, tyre protection coverage, etc. Every add-on comes with a particular coverage, and you can add it to the standard policy depending on your requirement.

The best part about purchasing two-wheeler insurance online is getting to add riders with a single click. You can also see what each rider offers before adding it to your policy, as a short description usually accompanies it. You can also remove an add-on with a single click while renewing the policy online.  
6.  Better Customer Support via Online Portal

A great benefit of purchasing bike insurance online is getting access to quick customer support via different mediums. When you log in to your account on the particular insurance website, you’ll see a range of options to contact customer support.

The live chat feature makes the experience of buying insurance online stand apart. Besides the quick, live chat feature, you can also see a WhatsApp number, email id, and a toll-free number for quick assistance. So many contact mediums can be challenging to find when you buy a policy offline.

7.  Offers Greater Convenience

The benefit of getting to buy two-wheeler insurance while sitting in the comfort of your home is second to none. It is why many people prefer buying insurance policies online, as they can skip the long waiting line to get one. Also, you can purchase it at any time you want as insurance company’s websites are open 24*7. 

Just head to the particular insurer’s website, create your account and make the purchase. The entire process of buying insurance online hardly takes a few minutes if you have your scanned documents ready.     

8.  Avoid Being Cheated by Middle Men

There were instances reported in the past where some people scammed bike owners by disguising themselves as insurance agents of reputed companies. They would pitch lucrative bike insurance policies at cheap premium prices and ask for cash payment, scamming people of the pitched premium amount. People were falling into their trap as they carried fake ID cards that are exact replicas of what original agents would hold.

If you want to keep such scams at bay, the best way is to purchase a bike insurance policy without involving any middleman. As the process of buying insurance online is simple, you don’t have to possess advanced technological knowledge to do the needful. Plus, the instructions displayed at every step will assist you in making the purchase smoothly.  

9.  Avail Discounts & Offers

Everyone loves discounts but rarely do people believe that discount can be availed on two-wheeler insurance. Well, those purchasing insurance offline don’t usually have the option to avail some discount, but online buyers can enjoy this privilege. 

In a bid to promote online purchases, insurance companies are offering discounts to vehicle owners. Even if the discount is not available at the time of purchase, you can find some offers on their website that can help you get a great deal.

10.  Save Time

The last benefit is also the most important one, as everyone is looking for ways to save time. With people being busy with their regular job, it can be difficult for most to take a day off to just visit an insurance office and buy a policy. It is where the online policy purchasing process offers working professionals the much-needed respite. 

They can purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy whenever and wherever they want from. All they need is access to high-speed internet. So if you’re busy due to your office working hours, buying bike insurance online can be the best way out.

With so many benefits on offer, people shouldn’t give a second thought before deciding to purchase bike insurance online. It can help them save time, get a good deal, and offer maximum convenience- something you cannot get while buying an insurance policy offline.  

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