Manal Aquil - IT Professional who loves to Paint

Manal Aquil artworks
Manal Aquil with her artworks

Manal Aquil is a full time IT professional, an Engineer by choice who is a person of unquenching curiosity and willingness to learn and explore everything that is new.

She is running her Instagram page with the name ‘manalartworks’ ( where she is displaying her artworks which includes different style of Folk paintings, Abstract, Hippie, Psychedelic, Geode, Zentangles, Fluid Art, Alcohol Ink art, Calligraphy, Acrylic and Watercolors and she is using that platform as a scenius to learn from other artists within Instagram art community and some of her artwork is part of her personal collection and some she intends to sell.

Q.What is art for her?

“Art is a tool of venting mechanism and a voice without speech,” says artist Manal.

She further adds, learning art is a journey for her since school time but art is a source of antidepressant and an escape from the chaos. 

She has progressed within her art community on Instagram which has added many new feathers to her wing:

1.Collaborating with other artist and stationery brands.
2.Receiving inquiries and selling paintings.
4.Tapping Digital Marketing
5.Attending and Learning via online Art Workshops.

Moreover, she is also a leisure Yoga practitioner, certified Yoga and Fitness trainer for the last 4 years.

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