Here are the coolest Valentine’s day Jewellery trends of 2021

Here are the coolest Valentine’s day Jewellery trends of 2021

It is the season of love and romance all around the world. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we are sure you must be in a big dilemma about that perfect date night outfit. But is an outfit ever complete without the apt pieces of jewellery?

This Valentine's Day, make your beloved drool over you at the very first glance by teaming up your gorgeous date night dress with the perfect romantic and chic jewellery.

Choosing the jewellery that suits your style the best is quite a tedious task. Melorra is a brand that styles contemporary wardrobe jewellery. From Melorra gold rings to necklaces and bracelets, there is a plethora of unique designs to choose from. The best part about Melorra is their contemporary designs and authenticity without compromising on your comfort or quality of the jewels.

Let's have a look at some stylish jewellery trends that are making a mark this Valentine's Day.

Floral jewellery

Flower jewellery has become fashionable among women, including gold and white gold earrings, necklaces, and rings as well. Floral designs are sweet and romantic 


Studs are a piece of jewellery that will never go out of style. The availability of studs in different shapes, sizes, colours and ease of wear still makes the piece of jewellery fashionable.

Detachable jewellery

The best thing about detachable pieces of jewellery is that they can be worn according to one's comfort. This also makes your jewellery highly versatile as one single piece can be worn in different ways at different times depending on your choice. Be it gold lockets or bracelet charms, all these pieces come with a variety of extensions to level up your jewellery game even if you plan to have Valentine's Day getaway and need to travel.

Gold bracelets

Personalised gold bracelets are a win-win for boosting your style. This year it is all about having a personal touch to your jewellery and accessories. You can wear a classy solid gold band with your watch or a gold bracelet with beautiful charms to adorn your wrists.

Chains and pendants

Planning to wear a plunging neckline on that dinner date? Well, what's better than a classy pendant to grab all the attention. With so many designs present in the market today, there is a wide array of pendant and chainsets to choose from. From zodiac sign pendants to the ones engraved with your initials, pendants are totally a hot piece of jewellery currently.

Statement rings

Statement rings have the tendency to uplift any outfit and also never go unnoticed. Be it a chunky stone ring or a one with intricate design, a statement ring is a perfect and classic jewellery piece for your date night.
From ruby, pearls to diamonds and more, you can choose the gemstone that suits you the best.

Gold earrings

Nothing can replace the charm of dainty gold earrings. They are chic and flirtatious. Pair up your favourite bodycon dress with an elegant pair of gold earrings. We are sure your partner won't be able to take his eyes off you.

Dear ladies, this Valentine's day make sure you go for all these trendy jewellery ideas to make a mark that's unforgettable. Have a romantic Valentine's day!
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