The Right Click starring Prit Kamani, Yashaswini Dayama etc.

Right Click Prit Kamani Yashaswini Dayama MX Player Creative

Date of First Release: 12 February 2021

Watch the Right Click Movie on MX Player & View a One of a Kind Storytelling Experience Wouldn't you love it if you could choose the way your favourite movie ended? In a one-of-a-kind and first on platform interactive short movie, MX Player displays its latest presentation- Right Click. Based on a never seen before concept, Right Click is an interactive movie which at several points asks the viewers to choose the path they want the story to take. The movie is a story of two college students who start their college life in the challenging year of 2020. With the world going digital, Dia and Ajay also struggle with the double-edged sword of technology. Starting their college life amidst a global pandemic, Ajay’s dreams of making a girlfriend in the fresher year seems to be crashing. However, in the times of social distancing, virtual connections seem to be the new trend and Ajay feels this connection with a classmate, Dia. From online college lectures, digital assignments and a budding digital romance, Dia and Ajay have to make several choices on their way. Unlike the conventional way of storytelling, in the Right Click movie, the viewers will hold the decision of making the choice that they think is right for the young students and the story will then commence in a new direction. Apart from an interactive storytelling experience, the Right Click story will also hit you with nostalgia and take you back to the exciting college days where all firsts were cherished and relationships gained a new meaning. Come aboard with the latest MX Player movie, Right Click in Hindi. Know all about the Right Click cast, story and promos and participate in the first-ever interactive movie Right Click on MX Player.

Cast - Prit Kamani, Yashaswini Dayama etc. 

Director - Debatma Mandal

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The Right Click starring Prit Kamani, Yashaswini Dayama etc. The Right Click starring Prit Kamani, Yashaswini Dayama etc. Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Friday, January 24, 2020 Rating: 5

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