VISION OF HOPE: Artist Tanisha Bakshi

Artist Tanisha Bakshi Artworks
Artist Tanisha Bakshi with her Artworks

VISION OF HOPE: Artist Tanisha Bakshi 

"Hope is seeing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness"

A mother always hopes for the bright future of her child. The sparkling light of the lantern gives her hope that one day the little one would pass through the dark days of their life and bloom into the enlightened world. The black and white artwork with charcoal depicts the present situation of poverty and the sparkling light of the lantern leads the mother's thoughts towards a bright future. 

The way the glass case of the lantern gives a protective enclosure to the burning wick, a mother also promises to shield the child from all the atrocities of life and pray for an enlightened future," says artist Tanisha Bakshi.

Tanisha is a Gurugram based full time independent artist who has been doing this exceptionally interesting realistic paintings on sarees and other materials used by a mother during her journey to create artworks depicting slum life. Her USP is the mother and child series that she has been creating since last six years and focus on the most beautiful of all emotions, a mother's love. Captured in it's many forms, a mother's love is universal and for her it is the biggest inspiration and an unparalleled driving force.

A graduate in fine arts in 2017, this young artist recently got much appreciation at the World Art Dubai 2020, where she exhibited a painting done on a mother's shawl that was hung like a scroll during the exhibition. "Every scratch, every hole and every wrinkle in a mother's cloth has a memory" explained Tanisha about her collection that captures the ' Essence of Slum Life' by using two and three dimensional surfaces, which represent the daily challenges and harsh realities, hardship of a slum life and amidst it all, this pure and pious love, a mother with her child.

This passion of working on inequality and social issues led her to establish Annsagar Foundation in Palam Vihar, Gurugram. The NGO was started in 2016 and has been consistent in its efforts ever since, supporting more than 12 nearby areas. 
Throughout the pandemic lockdown and even today, more than 2500+ food boxes are distributed twice every day.

Tanisha has won the Prafulla Dhanukar Gold Award and Platinum Awards 2017 and 2018 in North Zone, amongst the several awards that she has to her credit. 

This is the link to her NGO Annsagar Foundation:

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