Why Toyota vehicles are so durable?

Why Toyota vehicles are so durable?

Everyone knows the name “Toyota”. There are several reasons how the brand became so popular. According to Statista, Toyota sold a whopping 10.6 million vehicles in 2019, making it the second-largest automaker lagging behind the German auto giant Volkswagen which approximately sold 10.97 vehicles in 2019. Toyota became especially popular when it started exporting its vehicles to the United States, the exports gave the brand an exposure it was long looking for. One wonders what is the reason behind the huge fanbase of this Japanese giant and how did it grow so strong in a short span of time.

The secret recipe behind the popularity of Toyota vehicles is their dependability. From the Toyota Corolla AltisUnited States to China, Toyota vehicles are known to be indestructible. Toyota Corolla is without any doubt the most popular vehicle made by the company; the vehicle is offered in several variants in different parts of the world. The decently equipped variant known as Toyota Corolla Altis offers nearly all the features one expects from an affordable sedan, and this is one reason why Toyota vehicles are so durable. The company focuses more on the dependability factor than the wow factor and has therefore achieved countless reliability awards.

Even the people who hate this brand also wonder what makes the Toyota vehicles so durable. The main reason behind this otherworldly reliability is the fact that Toyota focuses more on the functionality of their vehicles rather than working on eye-catching looks. However, this does not mean that Toyota vehicles offer no modern features, the new affordable Toyota sedans such as the Corolla and Camry have an array of modern tech that one expects from a sedan. Some Toyota vehicles such as the Prius may look ugly to you, but it is the brand’s focus on efficiency and reliability that has made the Prius a success throughout the world.

Another thing that contributes to the durability of Toyota vehicles is that they do not offer the most modern features like their German counterparts. The reason behind this strategy is that the company takes its time to try and test the latest features to make sure that they will pass the test of time when fitted to a mainstream vehicle. The Japanese are well known for taking a cautious approach towards new technology and Toyota is no exception, the “taking it slow” strategy ensures that its vehicles do not get rushed through the manufacturing process which then translates into the least number of recalls ever made by an automaker.

Toyota CamryThe last reason lies behind the prices of their vehicles. The price tag at a first glimpse may look surprising to you for a car that does not offers more features than its competitors. However, the upfront price does not portray the whole story, Toyota charges more price because of the good quality materials used throughout the car. As you may know that the vehicle will eventually pay off the price since it will last hundreds of thousands of miles without breaking down. Only routine maintenance is needed which is affordable for the masses. 

The increased reliability provides peace of mind to Toyota owners, who do not have to worry about frequent visits to a repair shop or going bankrupt if their car ever breaks down as all the Toyota parts are cheap and easily available in every corner of the world.

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