Perseverance 2020, An Online Group Show

Perseverance 2020 online Group Show Artworks

Date and Time: 14 October - 10 December 2020 - Exhibition on view

Entry: Free

Venue: Online at

Event Description: 
Perseverance 2020, An Online Group Show

Curated by Neelam Malhotra

The world untiringly continues to struggle to find a cure, a vaccine, or any other means to control a tiny virus. The Coronavirus has challenged all of humanity and we realize that we really aren't all that advanced; even on a global level, we are vulnerable. We have a very long way to go if we want humanity to survive through the aeons and past the sun burning out. It is not going to be easy but we have to start, by taking science seriously and acting on those principals, with understanding the reasons and logic of it all, it is not just discoveries and inventions it is also love, kindness and compassion for each other and for all life.

In the current situation, with this worldwide pandemic we have learned to live differently, not an easy task, our new normal is widely dissimilar to what it was at the beginning of the year. The world has been struggling to deal with the loss of lives that have been sustained over the last few months across the world. Daily wagers to large industries, all have suffered. Being tossed into situations that may have sounded like complete fiction only till last year. Yet, we have adapted, fought on and never lost hope.

The art world too felt the brunt and rebounded with innovative ways of coping, mainly via technology, creating an online presence. Sustainability became a challenge as the pandemic escalated, the entire system suffered a huge setback. The need arose to find new ways to display creativity and to reach out to people over other avenues that could be possible without physical contact. We are witnessing a surge of online shows, curations, webinars, art fairs and talks in response as efforts into staying relevant.

This exhibition weaves together some sensitive works of art and brings them forth to invoke thought and contemplation. The artists showing have a quality of strength in their work, certain perseverance during the epoch. While some of them take a direct approach and put their thoughts and concerns onto their work quite literally, others approach their work with a spiritual, meditative quality that transmits into their visual language, invoking peace and calmness. The common thread is the determination to carry on, persevere and hope for a better tomorrow...

1. Amit Harit
2. Ashok Gulati
3. Debraj Goswami
4. Deepak Khandelwal
5. Devidas Agase
6. Ekta Sharma
7. Gaurvi Sharma
8. Kavita Jaiswal
9. Kusumlata Sharma
10. Pradeep Ahirwar
11. Pratul Dash
12. Rajendta Kapse
13. Shahanshah Mittal
14. Sukesan Kanka
15. Yashvant Singh

Debraj Goswami
Debraj has been feeling the burden of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, “ We have gone through a ridiculous time frame in the recent past. It was an absurd time upon the planet where every creature was free to move around except human beings. In this series, I have tried to capture that traumatic experience almost in a manner of writing a personal diary.” He says. His “Time out of mind” series is an expression of this exasperation and helplessness.

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