Why hatchbacks are ideal for Asian countries?

Why hatchbacks are ideal for Asian countries?

At present, the craze of SUVs and pickup trucks has overwhelmed the whole world. The trend initially started in the United States and has now swamped the major markets. According to reliable sources, there were approximately 200 million SUVs in operation worldwide in 2019. However, exceptions do exist, and numerous countries are resilient to this newfound craze, the majority of such countries are located in Asia. It should come as no surprise since most of the Asian countries are densely packed and the crowded streets are not suited for large SUVs and pickup trucks to drive through.

Hatchbacks are small-sized vehicles that are available in either three-door or five-door configuration. There are several reasons why hatchbacks are better suited for Asian markets than other categories of vehicles, some of the benefits are mentioned below:
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  • Hatchbacks are smaller in size which makes it easier to maneuver them in tight spaces.
  • They cost far less compared to crossovers and SUVs as lesser material is used in the manufacturing process, which in turn makes them affordable for masses in numerous Asian countries as India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Thailand where disposable incomes are low.  
  • The engines fitted to hatchbacks are mostly small displacement engines. Such engines may not provide extraordinary performance, but they are much easier to maintain and provide excellent fuel economy, which is the primary concern of the majority of people living in Asian countries. 
  • The small engines provide another excellent advantage, they emit low greenhouse gases compared to other categories of vehicles which makes them ideal vehicles for Asian countries where the air pollution remains above the normal level throughout the year. 
  • Modern hatchbacks are spacious and provide plenty of space that is enough to accommodate four passengers at a time. Furthermore, the trunk space is nearly enough to pack a family’s luggage.
  • Those days are long gone when hatchbacks used to be moving coffins. Modern-day hatchbacks are equipped with state of the art safety features that protect every occupant in case of an accident.

Hatchbacks available in the Asian markets:

There are several automakers manufacturing hatchbacks in Asian countries. The competition in this category is quite stiff which is forcing the manufacturers to stuff more and more features into their hatches to make them more attractive. There used to be a time when Japanese automakers dominated the market, 
Perodua Axia
they still are present in healthy numbers, but other companies are giving them a tough time. The Perodua Axia is one such hatchback, it is manufactured by a Malaysian automaker Perodua. The car has been on sale for about six years and during the time has achieved commendable sale numbers, mainly due to its attractive looks and an affordable price tag. The Perodua Axia also offers an excellent fuel economy and has received 4 stars in the ASEAN NCAP safety tests.

The future market prospects for hatchbacks look promising in the Asian markets as the governments are setting low greenhouse gas emission targets. The increased competition in this segment will eventually benefit the consumers as they would have more options to opt from.

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