Is Daihatsu a good brand?

Is Daihatsu a good brand?

Brand preference is perhaps one of the most important factors when someone goes out to buy a car. People usually prefer to buy those brand's cars whose cars they have already experienced, or the brand is well known in the market. Brand preference reflects a customer's loyalty and is a good measure to calculate the value of a particular brand. When it comes to auto manufacturers, several well-known names have made their mark in the market due to their successful marketing strategies and good quality products. Toyota is one such name, the company has over the years earned customers’ trust by providing affordable and cheap to run cars, the company has several sister companies, but the company we will be focusing on today is Daihatsu.

Everybody is familiar with the fact that Lexus is owned by Toyota, but many people still do not know that Toyota is also a parent company of Daihatsu. Toyota bought the majority of shares of Daihatsu in 1967 when the Japanese government opened up the local market. In 2016, Daihatsu became a wholly-owned 
Daihatsu Teriossubsidiary of Toyota. The Toyota DNA can be found in Daihatsu cars that are even older than 2016 and some of Toyota’s cars can be seen in a rebadged version of Daihatsu in various countries. Daihatsu Terios is one such example, it is basically a rebadged Toyota Rush MPV that has gained a strong market in Indonesia. Many other examples can be quoted such as Daihatsu Boon which is a rebadged Toyota Passo.

An important question that comes to mind is whether Daihatsu is a good brand or not? The brand preference again arises here as Toyota is a more well-known brand and has a market presence literally in every country around the world. But one should remember that Daihatsu itself is a very strong name and is the oldest known Japanese automaker. Daihatsu can be credited as one of the early producers of a combustion engine. The brand has been offering its products for more than a century and is well received in markets where its vehicles are offered.

Daihatsu can be perceived Daihatsu Miraas a brand that mostly offers small hatchbacks and micro-cars. The Daihatsu Mira and Move are the best examples, the brand already was creating great cars and they became even greater when it became wholly owned by Toyota. The main reason is the backing of the world's second-largest automaker, which has enabled it to push its boundaries even further.

Japanese brands are already notorious for being the most reliable car brands in the world and Daihatsu is one such Japanese brand, the company has received numerous awards for offering the most dependable cars in its segment in various countries. Last but not the least, a Daihatsu car offers the ease of availability of spare parts as every major and minor part is easily interchangeable with its identical Toyota vehicle. Daihatsu cars, in a nutshell, are essentially Toyota cars that are rebadged to portray that Daihatsu specializes mainly in affordable and low running cost cars and you are better off buying either a small or a large Daihatsu vehicle as they are essentially a Toyota product. 
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