What does your underwear style say about you?

What does your underwear style say about you? 

Not all underwear gets created the same. There was a time when even the act of having a conversation about underwear was considered uncouth. Flash forward to the 70s, underpants improved significantly, and so did the orthodox attitude towards lingerie. 

Slowly but surely, new styles got introduced, new designs, and a new definition of masculinity took the public by storm. Changing times and changing dimes lead to a change in preferences. Today, it's exceedingly common for somebody to have a signature taste in innerwear. 

As a testament, Boxers or Briefs has been one of the most widespread questions in men's fashion and pop culture for several decades. Here's a list of all the emerging innerwear styles from these decades that stuck around to this day. 

Boxer Briefs: 

Tried, tested, and true to its name. Boxer Briefs are for the everyday man. Never in the way, never a second thought, and the epitome of functionality. To most people, this would scream boring, but that's hardly the case. Funky design and flowy fabrics have got you covered. 


The vast majority of people know all about Briefs. They've either had Briefs, knew people who preferred briefs, or religiously hated briefs with good reason. The first thought upon hearing Briefs is Tighty Whities. These are best known for being the trademark underwear choice of everyone who has ever received a wedgie. Briefs are a lot more today. For people that are always on their feet, running from one meeting to the next, Briefs would be a welcome addition to their wardrobe. 


With Boxer Briefs and Briefs both catering to a specific type of individual, people that need an amalgamation of both were left in the dark. But once trunks entered the arena, they changed the game. Offering superior comfort and added support, they had a perfect balance, as all things should. 

Boxer Shorts: 

There's just no denying it; everyone needs Boxer Shorts. Summer days prompt us to crave breathability over all else. Boxer Shorts barely hug your skin and has ample ventilation. The boys need to breathe too, don't they? 


It takes confidence to pull off a thong, or at least to put one on. People are known to feel more empowered in sexy underwear, so it's safe to say that thongs aren't for prudes. 


Jockstraps are specially designed innerwear for athletes to aid in maneuverability and add protection. They're especially useful for Cycling and Martial arts. With the awareness in innerwear-intelligence, what does your underwear style say about you?
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