Kangana Ranaut - Rights of a Citizen

Kangana Ranaut

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Shiv Sena's Leader Sanjay Raut has used abusive language against Kangana Ranaut just because she has a different point of view which is disgusting. These political leaders are just public servants and they can't threaten us. Every citizen has the right to live anywhere in the country. 

Kangana's fierce reply to him - 

किसी के बाप का नहीं है महाराष्ट्र, महाराष्ट्र उसी का है जिसने मराठी गौरव को प्रतिष्ठित किया है। और मैं डंके की चोट पे कहती हूँ हॉ मैं मराठा हूँ ,उखाड़ो मेरा क्या उखाड़ोगे?

Maharashtra doesn't belong to anybody's father, Maharashtra belongs to the one who has revered Marathi pride. Yes, I'm Maratha. Uproot me if you can.

Dia Mirza
I don’t agree with many of the things Kangana has said in the last few months. The name calling, the vicious personal attacks on individuals, the vilification of people. At the same time i am not okay with her being subjected to personal attacks

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