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The safas are made from cotton, wool, silk and many other fabrics. The customers can opt for the fabric and we and our team will design the safa accordingly. We also design turbans and they are also made as per the requirement of the customers. We use same fabrics that are used for designing the safa. We also provide the service of tying the turban and other accessories for the groom as we have all the material that is used to make a groom ready for wedding.

Besides stitching the turbans and safa, we also keep the readymade options and customers can choose from a wide variety of them. The designer products at our shop are also available and these turbans can be worn without any problem. The readymade turbans are also designed according to the pattern and traditions. If a customer buys a simple turban, then there are various accessories, which he can buy so that he looks beautiful even in the simple turban.

The mission of our company is to provide the best products and services. The products will come with various designs and the customers can also customize the design as per their requirement. Making the customers happy is our main aim and providing various types and designs of turbans and safa, we offer excellent service to our customers.

We provide Jodhpuri safa and turbans to our customers. The fabrics used in them are luxurious, stylish, and classic and are available for various types of events. Our turbans are also liked by celebrities and we have served many of them with our products.

The turbans made by us can be used in simple events, weddings, and others. We have pagdi, safa, and turbans with a unique design. We have different types of turbans like groom turban, barati turban, etc. which are available for various types of cultures followed in India. We also provide the services of tying a turban, as it is a very difficult task. We provide our services in India and abroad. We tie the turbans in different ways so that the groom should become the centre of attraction.

KRISHNA PAGDI WALA: Our services are liked by the people in India and abroad and our customers are happy with our services.

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