TEDxDTU 2020 Online, a series of webinars

TEDxDTU 2020 online series webinars Dr Toolika Gupta Creative

Dr. Toolika Gupta is the Director at the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD) and a researcher and educator in the field of crafts and design.

She did her M.Sc. with a dissertation in- 'Quintessence of Lotus: Motif for Textile Design' from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi. Thereafter she completed her Ph.D. thesis in History of Arts, titled 'The Influence of British Rule on Elite Indian Menswear: The Birth of the Sherwani', from the University of Glasgow, UK. She also collaborated as a Ph.D. fellow with the Textile Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, and pursued a short course in 'Archaeological Textiles' from the University of Oxford, UK.

Realizing the need for a platform to promote indigenous research, she founded The Center for Textiles and Clothing Research (TCRC), New Delhi, in 2016. She currently serves as the Secretary of TCRC. She has written and co-edited several research papers, books, and articles for various newspapers and magazines. She has helped Indian textile find its niche in the global market. She has actively strived towards the promotion of Indian values and traditional craft. She has always been a strong advocate for local artisans’ interests, copyrights, and identity for their craft.

She has been nominated as a member of the National Committee on Design 2019 of CII and the ambassador of the Costume Society of the UK for 2016.
Greetings from TEDxDTU!!

TEDxDTU Speakers Creative
We have the pleasure of introducing to you TEDxDTU 2020 Online, a series of webinars where unique individuals will be speaking on this year's theme Adapt to Change, Change to Adapt. 
The ability to adapt to change is aided, as are all faculties that we prize as essentially human in its path by our ingenuity and technology; though it is often forgotten that we also possess the converse ability of change to adapt, a more conscious process. To be able to acclimate to circumstances is perhaps a key factor in getting through life.

Our lives are these transient dances through the universe, and the acceptance of change that exists in our lives will only make it richer. By adapting to change, and by changing to adapt, we celebrate our experience of life and the knowledge that comes over time.

Life can be difficult to navigate in our fast-moving society. There is no escaping the impact that ‘Adapting to change’ can bring into our lives, but ‘Changing to Adapt’ is the key to a life where growth is survival.

The webinars will be held online from 11 - 18 July 2020.

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