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Cultural Anthropology Stories India Creative

Time: 7pm to 8:30pm 

Entry: by registration, Registration fee: ₹750/Person per session or ₹5,000/Person for 10 days  
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A course to know a tad more about 'India' through its Narratives.

Conducted by Lipi Agarwal
Lipi Agarwal is a practising architect who has also worked as an academic associate in the Faculty of Design at CEPT University She completed her Masters in Interior architecture and design from CEPT University. With immense interest in research and writing, she has been penning for a design magazine. Her research interests span across Indian culture, theme-based spaces, and the role of crafts in interiors. She has also received the best paper award at an international conference on 'Research in Architecture: crossroads'.

Anyone who finds themselves interested in History, Story-telling, Critical thinking and writing can enrol for the course. 

India is a land of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Owing to its rich culture and heritage, the country has a lot of anecdotes attributed to it. The idea of the course is to acquaint participants with its varied culture and the nuances associated with it.

The objective of the course is to make participants more conciliatory and open to learn from inter-culture and imbibe in their lives the best from it. Alongside, it will aid to sharpen the observing skills, critical thinking and analytical writing. 

Storytelling as a medium to engage participants. Each class will be conducted on one of the topics mentioned below. Each topic will talk about the built-environment of a particular region. The idea behind choosing built-environment is-
1. Built-environment represents the cultural phenomenon of the respective region viz climate, living style, food, festival etc 
2. Easy for participants to relate and compare it with their own built space.

If you like listening stories then join these sessions which will let you know a bit more on Indian Culture through its stories and narratives. The date of each topic are mentioned across each topic -

1. Britisher’s role in developing hill-stations in India (15.07.20)
2. Taj Mahal in U.P. (17.07.20)
3. Food lanes of Delhi (19.07.20)
4. Palaces & Forts of Rajasthan (20.07.20)
5. Chawls of Mumbai (22.07.20)
6. Geographical significance of MP and Scindia Palace (24.07.20)
7. Nizam Palace in Hyderabad (26.07.20)
8. Portuguese houses of Goa (27.07.20)
9. Chettinad houses of Tamil Nadu (29.07.20)
10. Four religious places (Dhaam) of India (31.07.20)

The story will revolve around the following issues-
1. Why and how a particular space has come into existence?
2. What are the key influences on built-environment?
3. What are its distinguished features?
4. What are the common traditions and rituals of that particular region?

After each class, participants will have to produce a write-up, sketch or use any other relevant medium (Visual or performing art) on what they have learnt and assimilated. 

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