Saloni Sharma - Vocalist / Anchor

Saloni Sharma
                                            Saloni Sharma

Wearing a metaphorical spectacle of creativity, she has no fear of wrong, confidence is the only rule book she adheres to. 

Saloni Sharma is one of the exceptionally gifted girls one has ever encountered; She has this prominent passion for audience engagement and capturing the limelight; In the world full of competition where professional achievement and accomplishments play a massive role, she's running the world with her halo and bright experiences which by the way are her own blood and sweat. Her form of singing makes her explicit in her field, from performing in live concerts which are limited to the "city of lakes" as of now will grow furthermore In the upcoming years for the hell of an enthusiast she is.

What do you call it when a person has 3 years experience and performs with the confidence of 100 years? Call it Saloni! She is as charming as her name, and her age which is more bombshell than what Taylor shows in "22" but honestly the show becomes a memory to never forget when she holds the mic.

I bet you have never seen a sun on a cold winter evening, well cafes in Bhopal have. She has done eminence number of performances in the cafe and also has glittered her essence in marriages, evening parties and what not!

She has a beautiful heart has polished her innate talents through a lot of celebrity workshops and undoubtedly conducted a lot of them later on when we talk of that we include names like Amardeep Singh, Vaibhav Ghughe, Aryan Patra.

Now I call it a catch and I hope to see your collab sooner.

Name - Saloni Sharma 

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