TEDxJanpath at American Center, 24, Kasturba Gandhi Marg > 9:30am onwards on 28th February 2015

Time : 9:30 am onwards

Entry : Contact : contact@tedxjanpath.com

Venue : American Center, 24, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi - 110001

Event Description : TEDxJanpath – a nexus for great Ideas, stories, experiences and amazing people
 Janpath, for a day of networking and dialogue around the theme “Lotus: Journey to enlightenment”. The event will see an incredible line-up of speakers from all walks of life and from around the globe: from a 13 year old New York Fashion Week designer from the US to a Martial Arts specialist from China to a Padma Bhushan recipient from Delhi to a BAFTA Award winning Director/Producer from UK. The speakers will enthrall the audience with life-changing experiences, power of meditation, life sciences, technological innovations, women powerand much more. The attendees will also have an opportunity to network and share their perspective on the thoughts shared by the speakers at the on-site lunch event.

Speakers include:
·         LesleeUdwin, BAFTA award-winning Director/Producer from UK
·         Dr.BindeshwarPathak, Padma Bhushan recipient and founder of Sulabh International
·         Master Li Junfeng, Founder and principal teacher of the International Sheng Zhen Society and appeared in four Internationalmovies
·         Dr. Sumit D Chowdhury, President of the Enterprise Ecosystem at Reliance Jio and Author of Rules of the Game.
·         Isabella Rose Taylor, 13 year old Artist and New York Fashion Week designer from Austin, Texas, US
·         Madiha Sultan Tai, Co-founder and CEO of Lals, a Karachi based Patisserie and Chocolate brand
·         Ms. Ameera Shah, Managing Director and CEO, Metropolis Healthcare
·         Amruda Nair, Joint Managing Director & CEO, AIANA Hotels & Resorts
·         Audrey Harris, CEO & Founder, Soubis
·         Patricia Bader-Johnston, Representative Director of eSurface Technologies in Japan and an active social entrepreneur.
·         Sue Chen, Founder and CEO, NOVA Medical Products
·         Sumeet Nair, Founding member of FDCI and Author of The Bangala Table
·         Tiffany Kelly, Global Head of Innovation for Impact International and Creator of the Global Flourish Initiative

Given the growing focus on betterment of life in society, TEDxJanpathCurator, StutiJalan, who was an invited speaker at the TEDxMarunouchiWomen in Japan in 2013, says, “It’s the first edition, and the thought of organizing TEDxJanapth was really exciting for me and my team. We have got an amazing line-up of speakers who are multifaceted and are interested in sharing their experience and ideas which drive them forward. As they follow their passions, exercise their rights and spread their ideas, the world will change for the better.” Stuti believes in “pay it forward” and hopes that this event will bring a positive difference to people and society.

TEDxJanpath is an independently organized TEDx event operated under license from TED, which itself is a global platform devoted to “Ideas worth spreading”.The event will give people a forum to share their passions, ideas and experiences. Speakers will include senior leaders and dignitaries in their own field. In addition to local luminaries, speakers will travel from Mumbai, Bengaluru, China, US, France, Japan and many other places. The line-up includes entrepreneurs, designers, artists, academics, social activists, writers and more. Most of them are multifaceted and come with tremendous experience in various fields of interest. Their talks will be featured on the TEDxYouTubechannel and become a legacy for a global network of TED followers. The event is supported by American Center, Dell, Coca Cola, Royal Plaza, Ego Thai, American Swan, Experion, ORRA, Impressico, Cornitos, Grover Zampa, and Crosshairs Communication. The audience will consist of executives, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, business, government, and community leaders, along with students and more.

Stuti Jalan, the curator of the event, explains the theme of the event- “Lotus: Journey to enlightenment. Rising and blooming, a lotus flower has many meanings and significance. Just like the very core mission of TED to spread “ideas worth sharing”, this season at TEDxJanpath, we would like to embrace the spirit of this beautiful lotus. It will be a grand fest to celebrate the unbending grit of a lotus bud as with its sheer determination it decides to rise out of the muddy marshes and bloom in its full glory, spreading smiles around. TEDxJanpath brings together an eclectic mix of social crusaders, thinkers and doers who too have evolved and progressed in a very challenging environment. As a perfect analogy, each speaker is a lotus flower, who has emerged as a winner, standing strong, stemming out of the muddy water. The beauty of the flower always compels us to believe that extraordinary things can have humble origins, but it is the flaming desire that can unlock the inner potential and pave the way towards success. In life, we face several stumbling blocks and umpteen predicaments. The real test is when we continue to persevere, unperturbed and unrelenting. Lotus encourages us to gear up, break out of the rut, set our own track of expedition and eventually attain enlightenment. So, let’s get together to cheer our visionary speakers from around the globe, who will share with us their vivid ideas, a rich treasure of experience and bounty of inspirational vibes. Come; join us in saluting this collective Lotus spirit!”

For more Details on TEDxJanpath, please check the below links: www.tedxjanpath.com

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