O Kabuliwale! by Museum Theatre Company

O Kabuliwale!
Kabuliwala stories
Santa Claus emptied his bag full of goodies and has gone back to the land of snows after the Christmas. The good old Kabuliwala with his long white beard and big turban has stayed back to empty his jhola for the Delhi kids. On 3rdJanuary at 11 am at Oxford Book Store, the Kabuliwala will show the kids what all is he hiding for them in his jhola.  Start your new year with your kids, the Kabuliwala and the stories.

Let your kids explore the world of Kabuliwala stories. Do come along with your kids and explore the world of tales with the master storyteller Kamal Pruthi, the Kabuliwala, who comes with a big jhola all the way from Kabul. Young and renowned artistic director of Museum Theatre Company is popular for his unique styles of storytelling for kids and adults and out of the box use of spaces. 

About Kamal Pruthi
Kamal Pruthi is a recipient of ATSA (Art Think South Asia-2014) fellowship in the field of Arts management and Goethe’s Scholarship for young theatre practitioners of the world-2006. Active in the Theatre industry since 1999, Kamal is active as the artistic director of a young theatre company “Museum Theatre” since 2012. The theatre company is named after a unique storytelling format created by him, which breaks the convention of proscenium and street formats of theatre. Along with his experimental use of spaces, his specialization lies in Children Theatre & Storytelling for children & adults and most of his directed plays are in storytelling theatre format. As an actor, Kamal has rendered professional performances in 6 languages, that are Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English, German and Kannada. A polyglot, Kamal is perhaps the storyteller in India who performs in German. As a literary translator, Pruthi has translated several literary texts from and into German, Hindi and English and runs and moderates a literary forum „Garma Garam Chai“ for the promotion of translators, authors and playwrights.  As a storyteller, Kamal’s reinvention of the character Kabuliwala and his jhola of folktales have been greatly loved by the kids and the parents and are successfully reaching masses. As a work shopper, Kamal conducts storytelling workshops for children and teachers.

About Museum Theatre Company :
Museum Theatre form is an absolutely new, fresh and unconventional form of Storytelling. Here the audience, instead of being stationary or so to say comfortably seated at one place, rather moves within the expanse of a defined space, very much like in an actual museum and all through the length of the show the audiences locate themselves as an integral part of the performance. Museum theatre form is created by Kamal Pruthi and Deepak Srinivasan, faculty at the Srishti School of Arts Bangalore. 
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