Ananya Dance Festival at Purana Quila > 7pm to 8:15pm on 8th to 12th October 2014

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8th to 12th October : 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm Add to Calendar 08-10-2014 19:00:00 12-10-2014 20:15:00 68 Ananya Dance Festival Event Page : Purana Quila, New Delhi DD/MM/YYYY
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Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served basis)

Venue : Purana Quila, New Delhi
Landmark : Next to National Zoological Park (NZP)
Venue Info : About | Map (Metro to Venue) | Nearest Metro Station - 'Pragati Maidan(Blue Line)'

Event Description : Ananya Dance Festival.

The 13th edition of Ananya Dance Festival, organised by the Department of Art, Culture and Languages, Govt of Delhi, Sahitya Kala Parishad and Seher opens on October 8 at Purana Qila with a power-packed Bharatnatyam performance by Spanda Dance Company led by noted danseuse Leela Samson. Watch her exploring the new aspects of Bharatnatyam through her group presentation. Spanda, her group, deliberates text, musical traditions and movements and exposes the dancer and the viewer to the stillness within these.  

“Ananya is an attempt to popularize the Indian classical arts among the youth. It is an attempt to showcase Indian classical dances in their purest form so that the traditional art forms would reach out to more and more people of all ages and across different strata of society,” says Sanjeev Bhargava, the Creative Director of Seher, a premier cultural organization committed to the promotion of visual and performing arts.  

Seher has been working towards making the National Capital a cultural hub ever since it’s inception in 1990, and holds this cultural fiesta every year in the precincts of the magnificent heritage monument.

Ananya, the five-day dance festival is one of its kinds held annually in Delhi since 2002. Each of the five days has something special to offer to the audience.  
On the second day, October 9, visitors will witness Kolkata-based Anjika Centre for Manipuri Dance presenting Anantasakti. Choreographed by the group’s founder Priti Patel, it presents the cosmic play of the cycle of life and death. The ritualistic dances of Lai Haraoba showcase creation while Thang Ta dance form showcases the annihilation of evil. The third, equally important part, enacted through Rasleela, shows the act of preservation that maintains order and also makes us realise the power of supreme force that makes everything happen around us.  

Neena Prasad and her group from Thiruvananthapuram will present Krishnaarjuneeyam through Mohiniattam on October 10. It depicts the life and times of Lord Krishna and his favourite disciple Arjuna.  
On October 11, Gauri Diwakar will enthrall the audience with her Kathak performance.  

The festival ends with Odissi dance performance by Sujata Mohapatra and her group. It begins with Mangalacharan and ends with Pallavi, dance of pure joy.  
So all the lovers of Indian classical dance forms out there block your evenings from October 8-14 and head out for Purana Qila, the place where you can watch these elegant dance exponents swaying to the rhythms of musical beats. 
To spread the awareness ​​about the process of creativity and choreography and to foster dialogue on the choreographic works being presented at the premier Dance Festival, as part of the performances at the Purana Qila. ​ANANYA Festival is also organising an interactive seminar, Pratibimb. The interactive seminar will be held for two days, October 10 and 11, at India International Centre (IIC), Lodhi Road from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm. 

Schedule : 

8th October : 

Leela Samson & Spanda Dance (Chennai) Bharatanatyam 

9th October :

Priti Patel & Anjika (Kolkata) Manipuri 

10th October : 

Neena Prasad & Soungandhika (Thiruvananthapuram) Mohiniattam 

11th October :

Gauri Diwakar & Group (Delhi) Kathak

12th October :

Sujata Mohapatra & Srjan (Bhubaneswar) Odissi

10th & 11th October : 

Pratibimb a 2day seminar with the artistes of the Ananya Dance Festival.

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