Shrujan presents The Largest Exhibition of Hand Embroidered Products at Aga Khan Hall, 6, Bhagwandas Road > 10am to 7pm on 5th to 8th July 2014

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Place : Aga Khan Hall, 6, Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi - 110001

Event Description : Shrujan presents The Largest Exhibition of Hand Embroidered Products.

Shrujan, a grass-root, craft-revival, and income-generation organization, established in 1969, will be organizing the largest Exhibition of Hand Embroidered Products from 05 July 2014 to 08 July 2014. This exhibition will focus mainly on saris, shawls, and dupattas, among other garments. The exhibition will be held at the Aga Khan Hall, New Delhi,  
Besides displaying 16 different styles of Hand Embroidery, made by craftswomen from 10 communities of the Kutch region of Gujarat, the exhibition promises to present a whole new array of vibrant colors and high-quality fabric to enthrall any person with an eye and appreciation for art, textile, or embroidery.
Mrs. Hiral Dayal, Trustee Shrujan, says, “Each of the 16 hand-embroidery styles from this region resembles a piece of jewelry. More than 95% of our customers who appreciate the uniqueness of this art have placed great trust in us for delivery of the best-quality and highly durable hand-embroidered finished products.”
In addition to focusing on a new range of designs for saris, shawls, dupattas, and other garments, the exhibition will showcase new styles of not only garments but also stitches. Visitors to the Shrujan Hand Embroidery Exhibition will find an eclectic mix of traditional embroidery on contemporary apparels, including men's kurtas as well as silk and woolen jackets.
The years of research on hand embroidery from Kutch and its communities is evident on the resplendent display of stitches and vibrant colors.
Besides its classic range, the highlights of the event will be linen and silk kurtas and tunics; colorful, embroidered Maheshwari dupattas and stoles; and tie ‘n’ dye skirts and cholis. The exhibition will showcase original, hand-embroidered fabrics that 3,500 craftswomen living in 100 remote villages of Kutch have fashioned into high-quality products such as garments, bags, home furnishing, and many more.
At its previous exhibition, Shrujan presented the first book and instructional film entitled Under the Embroidered Sky: the Embroidery of the Ahirs of Kutch, that showed the research work and documentation and filming of the embroidery styles of other communities. For countless generations, this craft had been passed on from the mother to the daughter. However, with the oral tradition of teaching and learning falling out of favor, exploration of other methods of safeguarding the wisdom of the craft has become imperative. Shrujan is a 44-year-old organization recognized for the finest quality of hand embroidery, garments, accessories, and lifestyle products.  Today, Shrujan enables 9 communities that practice 16 styles of Kutchi hand embroidery to earn a dignified livelihood. Craftswomen who are part of the Shrujan family work from home; their rural way of life is unperturbed. Shrujan’s production team provides threads and fabrics to craftswomen even in the remotest villages. The women do not have to pay for these materials. However, they are paid for their skill and their time, and that too right at their doorstep, as soon as they have completed the embroidery.
About Shrujan
Shrujan began modestly as a small project during the severe drought in Kutch in 1969. With the help of local women, its founder Chandaben Shroff, developed a unique, sustainable means of income generation for village women. She got the local women to produce saris with exclusive embroideries. The first exhibition of saris was held in October 1969 in Mumbai with considerable success. The profits were re-invested into building the organization called Shrujan. For further details, please visit

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Shrujan presents The Largest Exhibition of Hand Embroidered Products at Aga Khan Hall, 6, Bhagwandas Road > 10am to 7pm on 5th to 8th July 2014 Shrujan presents The Largest Exhibition of Hand Embroidered Products at Aga Khan Hall, 6, Bhagwandas Road > 10am to 7pm on 5th to 8th July 2014 Reviewed by Delhi Events on Tuesday, July 08, 2014 Rating: 5

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