Punjabi Academy

About Punjabi Academy : Punjabi Academy Delhi after independence emerged as a cosmopolitan city of diverse cultures and languages. It has always been the endeavor of the Delhi Administration to provide all possible facilities for the development and promotion of different languages and projection of the composite culture of Delhi. Thus, the Delhi Administration established the Punjabi Academy in September, 1981 to propagate and promote Punjabi language, literature and culture as an integral part of composite culture of Union Territory of Delhi. Ever since its inception the Academy has been playing a catalytic role in the proliferation of Punjabi literary and cultural activities in the spheres of music, folk dances, seminars, symposia, short story, poetry, novel, literary criticism, drama etc. During the last two decades, the Academy has assumed a significant role and status of premier organization in the field of Punjabi language, literature and culture. Department of Art, Culture and Language (Government of Delhi) is the administrative department of Punjabi Academy. 

Website : www.punjabiacademy.com 
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