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Let's Meet Heart to Heart : India & Korea Cultural Celebrations in 2014! with the inauguration of the Korean Handicraft Exhibition

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Let's Meet Heart to Heart : India & Korea Cultural Celebrations in 2014! 
New Delhi, January 2014:  For the first time in Indian history, President of Republic of Korea, Park Geun-hye marked her esteemed presence in India to inaugurate the Korean Handicraft Exhibition and Korean audio guide along with Shri Ravidra Singh, the Secretary of Ministry of Culture of India on 17th January, 2014 at Red Fort. The event was an initiative to strengthen the already existing friendship between India and Korea. This occasion was as an opportunity to enhance the cultural ties between the two countries. This effort taken on behalf of the Governments of both the nations will build not only economical but cultural and historical relationship for future.

The Korean handicraft exhibition reflects not only traditional culture but also a modern outlook. The Modern, elegant as well as simple craft works of Korea represent its sentiment and esthetic sensitivity. For Koreans the exhibition was a gesture to share their culture and traditions with the Indians. The eleven traditional and nine modern craftsmen have showcased fifty art works in order to share Korea’s artistic crafts with India and reflecting the contemplative moral culture between the two countries. The cultural assets and works had been particularly selected by the Craft & Design Korea Foundation. The modernized and industrialized handicraft exhibition stood as a perfect synthesis of two cultures. The event was an effort to look into the cultural roots of both the nations reflecting their identities. The exhibition will be opened for public till 16th February, 2014.

It was the first time that the audio guide was launched in any foreign language apart from the already existing Hindi and English. Red Fort in itself is an embodiment of culture synthesis. A perfect blend of Persian, European and Indian art invites almost 20,000 visitors daily. The Archaeological Survey of India in the cooperation with the Korean Cultural Centre India came to create a Korean audio guide in order to give a better understanding to Korean tourists visiting the site and hence, had come to take President Park’s state visit as an opportunity to launch it since Koreans are extremely interested in knowing the history of India. This is a step forward in communicating the country’s rich heritage among the Korean people.

The coming up of other Korean projects like ‘Hur Jun’ drama on DD Bharti channel in India will further deepen the bond of friendship of the two nations. The Korean Pop Culture, popularly known as “Korean Wave” has made a strong impact across the world. K-wave dramas are known to have influenced a large audience and have increased viewership worldwide. Korean Cultural Centre, India and DD Bharati bring to India the most famous South Korean Drama based on the life of legendary doctor, Hur Jun, titled ‘Dr. Hur Jun ki Sachi Daastan’. The show dubbed in Hindi is telecasted on DD Bharati from Monday to Friday, 7 pm - 8pm
Hur Jun, based on the real life incidents of Dr. Hur Jun of South Korea, saw tremendous success across the globe. The serial took the Koreans back to their history and re-instilled the faith in the traditional Korean medicines. It will mark an important step in India to familiarize the Indian audiences with the Korean culture, history and medicinal procedures. Hur Jun, who was born as an illegitimate son of a nobleman, met a renowned physician named Eui-tae Yu, who taught him medicine. With the help of the knowledge gained, he selflessly devoted himself to heal the sick. Hur Jun faced many social barriers and struggling against them all, he went on to become the Emperor's physician. He also compiled a book called Dongui Bogam, literally 'Mirror of the Eastern Medicine', published in 1613. The book became the Bible of Medicine in Korea and is also listed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme in July 2009.

The telecast of ‘Dr. Hur Jun ki Sachi Daastan’ is a new initiative of DD Bharati which will focus on enriching the Korean culture & tradition among Indian audience. The aim to telecast the programmes of other countries is to familiarize the Indian audiences with Music, Dance, Tourism, Heritage and Culture of the different countries. The programme will be broadcasted in Hindi language suiting the majority of Indian audience. Korean dramas have been immensely successful in capturing the attention and entrenching the heart of the Indians and DD Bharati is looking forward to a huge response this time as well.

“Culture can play a very important role as it has the power to enhance mutual understanding between the two people and bring them closer. Culture brings great joy and pleasure to the people. I was told that K-Pop was greeted with considerable affection and popularity by Indian people and I hope the same for HUR JUN drama which is telecasted on DD Bharati channel. Conversely Bollywood films, yoga and Indian food are also very popular in Korea” said, H.E. Park Geun-hye, President of Republic of Korea. “This Korean Drama will highlight the contemporary Korean culture and provide basic information on its history. Although the diplomatic relation is 40 years old but the cultural relationship goes back to 2000 years” said, Kim Kum Pyoung, Director of the Korean Cultural Centre, India. 

The event left us all with an unforgettable memory. It was a meaningful interaction between India and Korea enabling both the nations to understand and exchange each other’s culture and tradition.
Let's Meet Heart to Heart : India & Korea Cultural Celebrations in 2014! with the inauguration of the Korean Handicraft Exhibition Let's Meet Heart to Heart : India & Korea Cultural Celebrations in 2014! with the inauguration of the Korean Handicraft Exhibition Reviewed by Rohit Malik on 13:38 Rating: 5

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