Synopsis of the plays as part of Theatre Festival 2013 - Celebrating 70 years of Three Arts Club’s creation!!

Synopsis of the plays as part of : Theatre Festival 2013 - Celebrating 70 years of Three Arts Club’s creation!! at Shri Ram Center, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg > 13th, 14th & 15th November 2013

PANCH PARMESHWAR by George’s School, Alaknanda, New Delhi 
Panch Parmeshwar is the famous story of Munshi Premchand. As sarpanch of the village Algu Chaudhary passes a verdict against his best friend Jumman. Friends become foes. Jumman realizes when he himself sits on the Judgement seat. An ideal judge or a sarpanch cannot be biased. Watch out PANCH PARMESHWAR directed by Nilu Chaturvedi and presented by St. George’s School, Alaknanda, New Delhi 

 RAJA JI KE DO FEENG….SEENG by Mayoor School Noida
Raja ji ke do feeng....seeng is a hilarious folk lore where a king is full of vanity and considers himself the most handsome person in the world. He spends his money in buying clothes and admiring himself by looking into the mirror throughout the day, all at the cost of his kingdom. His queen and his subjects are very unhappy. The queen also tries to mend his ways but all in vain. One day something miraculous happens which changes the whole scenario. The king not only realizes his mistake but also starts appreciating the beauty around him. RAJA JI KE DO FEENG....SEENG!!! Watch this amazing production & appreciate the relevance of the title! 
Written & directed by Monisha Goswami, it’s a Mayoor School Noida’s presentation. 

BANJARIA by DLF Sahibabad 
Banjaria is a story of a girl who is in search of her identity, all through her life. She wanders for a place where both boys and girls can be treated equally. In this search she has to go through pain, agony, heartbreaks… Does she discover a place where everyone is equal? Where does her journey end? Watch BANJARIA written & directed by Poonam Singh & Devashish Tandon and presented by DLF Sahibabad. 

REFUND by Cambridge School Noida 
An unsuccessful man blames his school for his failures instead of blaming himself! He meets his old school principal and bluntly tells him that he`s a failure because his teachers didn`t teach him well. Not only does he blame his education but he also demands that the school refunds all his school feels along with interest! A must watch presentation written by Fritz Karinthy & directed by Shalini Verma by the children of Cambridge School Noida. 

YAMRAJ KI ADALAT by Mangalam School, GK-II, New Delhi. 
The play starts with a conversation between two yamrajs on 'how to create hell. An idea strikes to interview the Indian politicians. They proceed with their mission of interviewing all the politicians. How and what all things can the politicians do to create hell? Watch YAMRAJ KI ADALAT written by Rekha Pal & directed by Babita Pal presented by the students of K R Mangalam School, GK-II, New Delhi. 

CHANAKYA KA SWARNIM SWAPN by Pragyan School, Greater Noida 
Akhand Bharat ka swarnim swapn kya saakar kar paegaa Vishnu Gupt Chanakya? Written by 
Parshuram Jha & directed by Uttar Kumar & Parshuram Jha and presented by Pragyan School, Greater Noida. 

BEYOND THE LAND OF HATTAMALA by Shiv Nadar School, Noida 
Two thieves accidentally fall into a river and land up in a strange land which does not have any concept of money! This lively, humorous play uses witty, tongue-in-cheek comedy to communicate social ideas and messages with a contemporary relevance. BEYOND THE LAND OF HATTAMALA by Badal Sircar, translated by Samik Bandopadhyay directed by Aparna, Himani, Manjima, Meenakshi & Pooja 
presented by Shiv Nadar School, Noida. 

PARMAATMA adapted by Reoti Saran Sharma & directed by Ajay Manchanda 
Parmaatma adapted by the veteran Reoti Saran Sharma and directed by Ajay Manchanda revolves around the challenges of contemporary society, where human values, governance, ethics, morality, equality make strange bed fellows. It depicts how the absence of a composite culture and a common goal has denigrated the society beyond repair. The malaise of corruption, governance deficit, vested media interests, religious fundamentalism and crony capitalism have come to rule our lives and we, as key actors in the society, do little to challenge these issues. Paramatma (God) and Naradmuni who are main protagonists of the play try and analyse what is wrong in our society today. The play is a reflection of all that is wrong in the society – how political leaders manipulate systems, subvert the legitimate rights of people and in collusion with wealthy businessmen run a morally and socially bankrupt country. Written in 1945-47 by Krishan Chander, the play assumes even greater significance today with all that is happening around us. The end of the play epitomizes the helpless situation we are in and how even God, who sees it all, doesn’t have a cure for this systemic disease. The play raises several key critical questions – are we doing enough to battle this disease? Is there a solution to this? Will the society degenerate further?

YEH DAAG DAAG UJAALA written by Anis Azmi & directed by Ajay Manchanda
Yeh Daag Daag Ujaala. The play is written by the noted playwright Anis Azmi, Secretary Urdu Academy, Delhi and designed and directed by Ajay Manchanda. The play is an attempt to depict the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to secure independence for the country. It goes on to show how over the time their vision has been diluted by the various social evils like corruption, dowry, female feticides, sexual harassment and others that continue to plague our society. The play tries to portray the extent to which our society has degenerated and moved away from what our freedom struggle stood for and the values that it epitomized. 

Synopsis of the plays as part of Theatre Festival 2013 - Celebrating 70 years of Three Arts Club’s creation!! Synopsis of the plays as part of Theatre Festival 2013 - Celebrating 70 years of Three Arts Club’s creation!! Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, November 09, 2013 Rating: 5

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