El Tamim Productions presents "Aliza-Free" dance drama at Shri Ram Center, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg > 7pm on 23rd October 2013

Time : 7:00 pm

Entry : by passes, Contact eltamimproductions@gmail.com

Place : Shri Ram Center for Performing Arts (SRCPA), 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-110001
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Event Description : Enlightening the lives in darkness through a drama 'Aliza-Free' 
(To create awareness for visually impaired people)
El Tamim Productions brings “Aliza-Free", a dance drama.
The idea behind the birth of "Aliza-free” is to create awareness for visually impaired people", Aliza is a hebrew word which means to rise beyond, joy. The play is written, conceptualized and directed by Aneesha Madhok,  17 years old , a 12th grade student and founder of El Tamim Productions( EL Tamim means strong and solid in Arabic) which also marks her debuts as a writer/director and an actor on stage to create awareness.

About “Aliza-Free" : A Dance Drama set in Jerusalem, in the 1950's has Hebrew songs and a lot of Israeli influence. It is not a remake of any theatre done so far and is under copyright by El Tamim Productions.
Choreography of the dances is done by Fernando Aguilera, a famous bollywood ballet dancer and director of Imperial Ballet co, besides a renowned cast, with the likes of NSD graduates and IFBC trainers who auditioned and got selected for "Aliza-free”. Aneesha being the youngest team member.
Set/ stage are being carved like a mini Israel on stage by Riaz and Costumes are jointly being done by IFBC and her.
A report dated 11 Oct 2007 ... Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million live in India, making India the largest blind population.
India being home to the world's largest number of blind people caught Aneesha’s attention. We don't see them around even with our eyes open, who are they why are they hiding, can we be an "EYE TO A VOICE" is the message of the play.
Aneesha believes people feel their job is done once they have contributed financially. Hence, this is not a charity event, rather a commitment event that we will all extend our friendship to at-least one visually impaired person and be an "Eye to a Voice" is the message of her play.

Profile of Aneesha Madhok : If you wish to reach the highest begin at the lowest defines young entrepreneur Aneesha Madhok, aced up the test of life with a unique vision & her interest of helping the mankind. 17 year old girl having a great vision to change the scenario for all the visually impaired by enlightening their lives by her unique way of support. The artist is an epitome of perfection be it any field, studies, dance or drama, she tends to be a complete package. A pass out from Modern school and a graduate from Cambridge University, where she was selected for special programme called ‘Unlock your mind and Unleash your true potential’ a chance to explore and prove herself ambitious. Lingual in Hindi, English, Paunjabi, Hebrew and Spanish making her reach more easy to the different part of the world.

Aneesha is the founder of  El Tamim productions and directed and written a play called "Aliza- Free", a Jewish script written by me with Hebrew songs, aims to spread awareness about Visually impaired people, as India is home to the largest number of blind people. A visionary to look beyond the hassles of normal life by taking it to a new heights by finding Shri Dance Society in 2012 to give a platform to all dance lovers. Her production house aims to create different theatericals for a moral cause to strengthen the bond between deprived and normal people. Aneehsa played the lead role of "Cassandra" in Agamemnon, co-directed and enacted  three different roles in “Lake Waters” , directed a play called Jagran dedicated to underprivileged children,  directed a play "Zaroorat" for the underprivileged children of Mewat, with the purpose of teaching them the importance of Education,  Conceptualised,  Directed and Performed, on the spot script for the tribals of Andanman Nicober Islands.

Aneesha is taking a step in the betterment of visually impaired people by developing a social networking sitewww.alizafree.com supported by The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Having great interest in photography she is carrying an exceptional vision to see the things and helping the disadvantaged. 

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El Tamim Productions presents "Aliza-Free" dance drama at Shri Ram Center, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg > 7pm on 23rd October 2013 El Tamim Productions presents "Aliza-Free" dance drama at Shri Ram Center, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg > 7pm on 23rd October 2013 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Rating: 5

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