DJ Kamya

About DJ Kamya 

Dj Kamya’s unique skill set combined with her passion and appreciation for the art of music has enabled her to grow and reach new heights in a highly competitive industry in a relative short time span.

DJ Kamya’s music selection is vast and versatile. Her taste ranges from, but not limited to, Bollywood, House – Funk, Progressive House and Minimal Tech. Her fusion of these different styles of music has awarded her numerous accolades from the public as well as respect from her industry peers.

Since 2009. Kamya has solidified her reputation as one of the most talented and versatile DJs in New Delhi.             Her ability to captivate the crowd with her  console presence and mix of classics and cotemporary music, combined with a couple of surprises thrown in, has made goin to Kamya’s performances unforgettable. Says DJ Kamya on music, “Music runs in my blood, I live and breathe music.” Kamya strives for individuality. Her inspiration comes from trailblazing DJs from abroad, but in no way she wants to be an impersonator: “I want people to know and remember me as the one and only DJ Kamya.. a copy of no one.” When going to one of her performances, one should look for good music and a time to remember. Look ou world; from beauty to brains, DJ Kamya has it all.
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