Asmita Theatre Group presents "Partition" play based on stories by Saadat Hasan Manto

Director : Arvind Gaur

Writer : Saadat Hasan Manto

Play Info : Partition

1st story : Toba Tek Singh 

2nd Story:'Khol Do'...

3rd Story:'Gurumukh Singh ki Wasiyat' (actors- Suraj Singh,Palak Bhutani,Manoj Yadav,Shiv Kanungo,Shiv Chauhan,Abhishek pandey,Praveen,Kunal Sharma)

4th Story : Kudha Kasam 
...In 'Tayaqqun' (An Anguished Certitude), Manto derided the efforts of the two post-colonial states to sew together the tattered pieces of women's honour by rehabilitating those who were abducted during the communitarian frenzy in Punjab. The heartbreaking story revolves around a dishevelled and crazed woman who is desperately looking for her daughter. The liaison officer communicating the story tells the old woman that her daughter had been killed and she should accompany him to Pakistan. She refuses to believe that her beautiful daughter could have been killed. One day she spots her daughter walking down the street with a young Sikh, who upon seeing her tells the girl, ‘your mother.' The young woman glances at her mother and walks away. The distraught mother calls after her daughter, only to drop dead when the liaison officer swears on God's name that her daughter is indeed dead. Manto leaves it mystifyingly unclear whether the young woman had run away with the Sikh or, if she was kidnapped, had made her peace with him and no longer wanted to be reunited with her hapless and tragic mother.

5th story: 'Sahai'

6thth story-'Sharifan' brings out how violence leads to violence. A Muslim father, to avenge the rape and death of his daughter, goes on to rape and kill a Hindu girl; her father in turn stumbles out of the house just as the Muslim father had- perhaps to rape a girl of another religion. Manto deliberately leaves his story open-ended many a time, as if to suggest that violence, revenge cannot have an end; they go on and on and on. The story starts with the Muslim father shouting out his daughter’s name, “Sharifan! Sharifan” and ends in the Hindu father’s shouts of “Bimla! Bimla”.-Charu Gidwani

7th Story- Shyaha Hasiye

Asmita Theatre Group presents "Partition" play based on stories by Saadat Hasan Manto Asmita Theatre Group presents "Partition" play based on stories by Saadat Hasan Manto Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Monday, February 18, 2013 Rating: 5

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