2nd Pratibimb Natya Utsav 2012 at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg > 6:30pm on 15th-19th December 2012

Time : 6:30 pm

Entry : Tickets @ Rs. 100, Rs. 50 available at the venue before the show. 

Place : The Little Theatre Group Auditorium (LTG), Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-110001
Landmark : Next to Kamani Auditorium
Venue Info : Events | About | Nearest Metro Station - 'Mandi House(Blue Line)'
Area : Mandi House Area Events

Event Description : 2nd Pratibimb Natya Utsav 2012.

Schedule : 
Saturday, 15th December, 2012 
The festival will be inaugurated by Shri Ajay Makan, Hon'ble Union Cabinet Minister of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation. The Guest of Honour will be Smt Sushma Seth, eminent Theatre, T.V & Film Personality. 
Followed by the staging of :
TOBA TEK SINGH, a Play in Hindi
Writer : Saadat Hasan Manto, Directed by Rajesh Babbar
Group : Pratibimb Kala Darpan, New Delhi
Synopsis of the Play – TOBA TEK SINGH
A couple of years after the Partition of the country, it occurred to the respective governments of India and Pakistan to exchange their lunatics in the same manner as they had exchanged their criminals. The Muslim lunatics in India were to be sent over to Pakistan and the Hindu and Sikh lunatics in Pakistani asylums were to be handed over to India. However, the decision had been taken at the topmost level on both sides. Nobody knew what transpired in India, but so far as Pakistan was concerned, this news created quite a stir in the lunatic asylum at Lahore, leading to all sorts of funny developments.
The story revolves around Sardar Bishan Singh, who was from the town of Toba Tek Singh had been admitted into the asylum in Lahore fifteen years ago. Whenever he gets irritated, he mutters or shouts a mix of Punjabi, Urdu and English which, though nonsensical, is indirectly pejorative of both India and Pakistan, it was some mysterious gibberish: "Uper the gur gur the annexe the bay dhayana the mung the dal of the laltain." As part of the exchange, Bishan Singh was sent under police escort to India, but upon being told that his hometown Toba Tek Singh was in Pakistan, he refused to go. The story ends with Bishan Singh lying down between barbed wire on the piece of ground that had no name, lay Toba Tek Singh."
So goes Saadat Hasan Manto's powerful satire on Partition, 'Toba Tek Singh', which questions the absurdity of Partition. Even lunatics, or rather only they, could see the contrast between the public and private madness. The line which was drawn in 1947, that divided not only the country, but also millions of families. The wound thus created remains unhealed even after 65 years.
Sunday, 16th December, 2012 
ADHI RAAT KE BAAD, a Play in Hindi
Writer : Dr Shankar Shesh, Directed by Dr Laique Hussain
Group : The Performers, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Synopsis of the Play- ADHI RAAT KE BAAD
The play has focused to highlight the issue of corruption. The points raised in the play relate to a common man who has to live with the corrupt system. The playwright Dr Shankar Shesh has employed three characters i.e. a judge, a thief and a neighbour of the Judge in order to excavate explosive truths ailing the system in different spheres of life.
The plot of ‘Aadhi Raat Ke Baad’ deals with a thief who is on the run as a rich builder, whom he wants to expose, is after his life. Fearing for his life, the thief takes shelter in the house of a judge and wants that the judge should hand him over to police, as he would feel safer in lock-up that he does while he is free. What happens at midnight…?
Monday,17th December, 2012 
DAROGAJI CHORI HO GAYI, a Comedy Play in Hindi
Writer: Jai Vardhan, Directed by J.P Singh
Group : Rangbhoomi, Delhi
Synopsis of the Play- DAROGAJI CHORI HO GAYI
Jai Vardhan’s “Darogaji Chori Ho Gayi” is an original Comic Hindi play with satire. Today every youngster is running for their needs. They want to fulfill their needs by hook or by crook. They do not even consider their parents or the world. Today’s youngsters don’t want to know what is wrong or right. But the question is why do the people always want to be someone who they are not? Everyone should know there limits. This story is a symbol of the youngsters who lost their way is an expression of the corruption prevalent in our society.
Tuesday,18th December, 2012 
POORE CHAND KI RAAT , a short play in Hindi
Writer : Yerram Shetty Sai, Directed by Jagat Kishore Garola &
HUM ROSHNI BAANT TEY HAIN, a short play in Hindi
Writer: Giriraj Kishore, Directed by Jagat Kishore Garola
Group : Alhaad, Mumbai
Synopsis of the Play- POORE CHAND KI RAAT
This is the story of a frustrated & broken down man named, Chiranjeevi. He decides to commit suicide because he is tired of his unsuccessful life. He comes to jump off a bridge, where this whole story takes place. One by one we show 6 characters who come to stop him. These characters are even more frustrated, broken down & unsuccessful compared to Chiranjeevi. They are still very positive & hopeful about their lives. After meeting these 6 characters Chiranjeevi changes his decision to jump off the bridge. He feels that if the 6 people he met had bigger problems than him but were still very positive & wanted to live so he should also live his life with hope. He finally gets married to the last of the 6 characters who is an unsuccessful C- Grade actress who desperately wants to be loved.
Synopsis of the play - HUM ROSHNI BAANT TEY HAIN
This play highlights the social issues of today's perspective where how a common man suffers from the devil of corruption, inflation of price rise & political instability? All issues are presented in a simple & expressive way.
Wednesday,19th December, 2012
Writer : Satish Alekar, Directed by Suresh Bhardwaj
Group : Aakar Kala Sangam, New Delhi
Synopsis of the Play- Math Ke Raaste Mein Ek Din
A young man, searching for a math, encounters an elderly man and gets into a dialogue with him. Both the characters are mysteriously in sync with each other. Where is this Math? Who lives there? What had happened when….? The play is not about answering these questions. It speaks of love, agony, pain, connect and all that exists unseen.
The meaning of one’s life changes with the weaving in and weaving out of other lives. Satish Alekar’s play “MATH KE RAASTE MEIN EK DIN” is one of the finest narratives of the same. The play was written in 2011. While writing it, the elderly man,  started speaking a monologue which Alekar had written a year after his wife passed away in 2007. Interestingly, the monologue is an independent piece that is totally autobiographical and stands alone like a diary. The play too has a very individual feel about it but is also story-like. Yet, when combined the pieces complement each other objectively.
In Satish Alekar’s words, “They say theatre is a reflection of life, but at times it works as a therapy too.” AKS, once again, presents this reflection with all shades and hues of life.

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2nd Pratibimb Natya Utsav 2012 at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg > 6:30pm on 15th-19th December 2012 2nd Pratibimb Natya Utsav 2012 at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg > 6:30pm on 15th-19th December 2012 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Rating: 5

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